Andrew Guy

President/Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Napaskiak, Alaska, Andrew grew up speaking Yup’ik and learned English like many other children when they were sent away to school. Years later, he started as an intern at a Calista Corporation subsidiary doing research and financial analyses. He earned a degree in business administration from University of Alaska Fairbanks and went on to earn a law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law. He served on the Board of Directors and also worked as the Vice President of Yulista Management Services. He then joined Calista’s executive team as general counsel, involving him in the corporation’s contract negotiations and business enterprises. Andrew Guy was promoted by the Board of Directors to President/CEO of Calista in 2010, 26 years after first serving as an intern.

Sharon Lechner

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon has a rich history in Alaska. She served as Bristol Industries LLC CFO and CFO for the Municipality of Anchorage. She attended University of Washington where she earned a bachelor’s and an MBA.


Terrance Pearson

Chief Information Officer

Rosie Barr

Vice President, Lands

Rosie recently served as NANA Corporation’s vice president of lands.