Subsidiary Profile

Brice Marine, LLC

Alba Brice, General Manager
"Brice Marine is an important part of Brice Inc.’s history. Our marine capabilities have helped to shape and provide an identity for Brice Inc. as a company that can tackle the most complex projects in the most difficult Alaska locations."

Brice Marine, LLC provides marine logistic services to support projects and operations for a variety of entities in Alaska and other locations worldwide. Their capabilities allow access to most Alaska locations accessible by navigable waters. They provide marine support for a variety of projects in Alaska and other locations around the world where specialty marine equipment and experience is required.


  • Marine support
  • Articulated Tug and barge – beach landings and Ro-Ro operations
  • 4’ light draft vessel for shallow water navigability

Customer Base

  • Construction companies
  • Oil companies
  • Various private and public entities


For more information on how to do business with Brice Marine, contact them at (907) 277-2002, or visit them at

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