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Calista Board of Directors Update

Calista Board of Directors Update:

At a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting, held Oct. 21-23, 2013, the Board made several key strategic decisions. They are:

  • Election of Officers and standing committee members (see below)
  • Established a new Akilista Fund bank account to enhance the size and growth of the Fund
  • Increased the line of credit during the busy construction season
  • Approved supplemental Board compensation due to a number of Board meetings exceeding 30 in the year for some Directors

Elected to Chairman of the Board is Willie Kasayulie. Elected to Vice-Chairman is George Guy. Elected to Secretary is Margaret Pohjola. Elected to Treasurer is Marcie Sherer. As written in the Calista Bylaws, the Board elects Officers at the first Board meeting following each Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The full list of standing committee members is found by clicking here.

The Board also took action regarding ethics charges against several current and former Board Directors. After a nearly year-long, extensive investigation by an outside law firm into all 11 Directors that served the 2011-2012 term, and unanimous findings by the Ethics Committee, the Board of Directors adopted public censure decisions against several current and former Board Directors for ethics violations. The full public censure and disclosure of violations and sanctions can be accessed by the following links:

Willie Kasayulie
Chair, Board of Directors

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