2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

New Voting Information – www.CalistaVote.com

This year shareholders can vote in any one of three ways: (1) by completing, signing and mailing the paper proxy form in the envelope provided with the Annual Meeting materials; (2) by electronic online proxy voting connecting to the Internet at www.CalistaVote.com and following the simple online instructions; or (3) by voting in person at the Annual Meeting.

Voting electronically online is fast, convenient and confidential. It also supports Calista Corporation’s mission to conserve resources, reduce paper usage, and lower printing and postage expenses, all of which directly benefit shareholders and descendants. To vote online a Shareholder will need three items: 1) Shareholder enrollment number, 2) PIN number, and 3) the last four digits of his or her Social Security number. The first two items are printed in the Annual Meeting materials.

The Annual Meeting materials will be mailed on or about June 4, 2014. Every vote counts and your participation is vital. We encourage you to vote to ensure that your voice is heard. Please vote by proxy as soon as possible before the Annual Meeting, even if you plan to attend the Meeting. Since Calista Corporation cannot hold the Annual Meeting unless a quorum is reached, please help Calista avoid the expense of a follow-up Meeting by voting online or by mail.