Donlin Gold’s Rich History in the Calista Region

Donlin Gold Employees

During the early stages of ANCSA, Calista’s regional leaders identified the Donlin Creek area as one full of potential: to fulfill an ANCSA mandate to safely and responsibly develop natural resources; and the significant potential to provide opportunities to Calista Shareholders and Descendants.

Protecting Historical Land Sites in the Calista Region

When Calista formed after ANCSA, the corporation used resources to support village corporations. Calista provided data and information so that village corporations could select and preserve lands.

Winners! MyCalista Contest #2

MyCalista & More Contest #2

Winners announced! Prizes were $2,000 and 9.7″ iPads with 128GB memory and wifi/cellular.

Preserving Our Culture: Calista Culture Camps

Calista Education culture camp near Umkumiut, the seasonal subsistence camp.

“It was a way of life for our ancestors.” The most important aspect to culture and our traditional way of life is passing it on to the younger generation.

PAEC Endorsement of U.S. Rep. Don Young

Consistent support of rural infrastructure and economic development are some of the reasons why the Calista Public Advocacy and Engagement Committee chose to endorse U.S. Representative Don Young.

Vote In-Person Before November 6

Vote In-Person after October 22. Make A Choice. Use your Voice.

MAKE A CHOICE. USE YOUR VOICE. VOTE In-Person after October 22 at your voting location. The 2018 General Election will be held on November 6, 2018.

Board Message: Vote NO on Ballot Measure 1

Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair

Calista Corporation supports smart, science-based regulations. Yet that is not Ballot Measure 1. Please join us in voting NO on Ballot Measure 1 on November 6.

Calista Public Advocacy Committee Updates Governor Endorsement to Dunleavy

YK Infrastructure and Donlin Gold Support, and Opposition Against Ballot Measure 1 Remain Pivotal Issues for non-partisan committee.

New Shareholders and 2018 Akilista Dividend

2018 Akilista Dividend - Calista Corporation

Direct deposit forms must be completed and on file by November 2. The 2018 Akilista dividend is expected to be released for direct deposit and mailed out by the close of business November 20, 2018.

Calista Public Advocacy and Engagement Committee Makes Endorsements

“The PAEC members focused on key issues for the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. These issues included support of the proposed Donlin Gold project, opposition against Ballot Measure 1, public safety, support for the Power Cost Equalization program, ANWR ANCSA revenue sharing, education funding and more.” – Robert Beans, PAEC Chair