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The Calista Region includes 48 permanent communities and eight seasonally occupied villages, located along the banks of the lower Yukon and the middle and lower Kuskokwim Rivers, Nunivak Island, and the Bering Sea coast from the mouth of the Yukon River, south to Cape Newenham.

All 56 of the Region’s communities are organized into 45 for-profit ANCSA village corporations, each receiving ANCSA surface estate land entitlements. The village corporations for the communities of Kalskag, Lower Kalskag, Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Napaimute, Crooked Creek, Georgetown, Red Devil, Sleetmute and Stony River merged to form The Kuskokwim Corporation. The village corporations for Nightmute and Umkumiute merged to form Chinuruk, Incorporated.

The Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) is one of the 12 original Alaska Native 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations established by the federal government in 1964. AVCP is comprised of 56 villages and 45 village corporations. It serves its member tribes by providing, at their request, a variety of social service, human development and culturally relevant programs that promote tribal self-determination and self-governance and work to protect tribal culture and traditions. AVCP provides these services through funding by federal and state grants, and a variety of other grant sources.

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