Village Profile

Qipneq – Bend in the Qukakliq River



Located on the Bering Sea coast, 123 miles southwest of Bethel, Platinum is ideally located for subsistence activities.

The main dietary components for Platinum residents come from the sea – specifically salmon and seal. Recently, residents of the village of Platinum have developed a seafood processing plant to support their ongoing subsistence lifestyle.

In addition to relying on local subsistence resources, twice a year barges deliver goods to the village of 47 people. Residents are primarily employed through commercial fishing, the village’s school and the city. They travel locally via boat, snow machine and ATV while relying on air transportation for longer distances.

Historically, the village was named for traces of platinum found in the area. In 1926, Walter Smith discovered evidence of the rare metal, and from 1927 to 1934 Platinum contained several functioning placer mines. A post office began business in 1935, a school opened in 1960, and the city government was formed in 1975, by which time 545,000 ounces of platinum had been mined from the area.

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