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Shareholder Talent Bank Profile

Calista Corporation Shareholders and Descendants

One of our Corporation's goals is to "Increase Calista Shareholder and Descendant jobs, services, and benefits." Our workforce and Shareholder development team has been working hard to create partnerships and would like to connect you to possible opportunities and resources with Calista, its subsidiaries, and to our company partners.

(If you are not a Calista Shareholder or Descendant, but are interested in working for Calista or one of its Subsidiaries, please click here to view and apply for job openings.)

Talent Bank Profile

By creating a Talent Bank profile account, you could keep track of your work experience, skills, and upload your resume. On occasion, our workforce and Shareholder development team will send you information via email or by phone that matches your interests such as job opportunities, scholarships, training, interships, apprenticeships, and more. In addition, we may ask you to participate in surveys to find out how to better assist you.

Please note:

  • Submitting your information to the Talent Bank is not an application for an open position
  • The Talent Bank holds your profile of your work experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • It is your responsibility to update your Talent Bank profile in an on-needed basis with your current information including your address, phone number(s), job skills, abilities, references, etc.
  • Showing interest by submitting your information to the Talent Bank does not authorize the Company to perform a third party background screening
  • Background screening is only performed after an offer of employment has been issued to an applicant and accepted
  • Your personal information stored in our Talent Bank is secured through our company policies and procedures and will never be sold to outside vendors
  • This Talent Bank is for Calista Shareholders, Descendants, and their spouses

If you have any questions, our workforce and Shareholder development team will be happy to assist you. Please call us at 907-275-2800 or by emailing us at

Please note that anyone who has created a Talent Bank profile may change or modify it at any time to reflect updates and other professional and career information to assist our recruiters in determining jobs that may be suitable. 

Quyana Cakneq/Thank you very much!

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