Cup’ik Teaching Moment: Qigcikiyaraq
Respect is a traditional teaching. When learning about respect, we first learn how to respect ourselves. Qigcikiyaraq [kig-chee-GHEE-yah-uk] is Yup’ik and Cup’ik for “To show Respect.”
President Andrew Guy Appointed to Energy Security Task Force
Gov. Mike Dunleavy assigns task force to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce the cost of energy to Alaska residents.
Calista Shareholder Survey Underway
Dittman Research will be conducting a short phone survey of Calista Shareholders in March. We encourage your participation.
Leader from the Region Letha Chimegalrea Simon
Letha Chimegalrea Simon, with village ties to Napakiak, is a Leader from the Region. She began her qaspeq business as a hobby with guidance from her grandmother.
President’s Message: Workforce Development
The opportunities for Calista Shareholders and their families to participate in workforce development is growing—even in these challenging economic times.
Musher Mike Williams Jr. Reflects on Iditarod
Calista is proud to be a long-time Iditarod sponsor of Mike Williams, Jr. Please join us in wishing ALL the 2023 Iditarod teams a good, safe, and enjoyable race! 
Calista Corp. Testimony to Alaska Board of Fisheries
Calista Corporation is deeply concerned about our state and federal regulators allowing commercial fisheries to intercept too many salmon returning to our region’s rivers and wasting our most precious food as bycatch.
Calista Corporation Announces 2023 Spring Distribution of $11 Million
Calista Corporation’s largest-ever Shareholder distribution of $11 million will occur on or before April 14. This distribution is nearly 13 percent larger than last year’s spring distribution of $9.8 million.
Nomination Period Begins for 2023 Shareholder Awards
Calista Corporation is seeking nominations for its 2023 Shareholder Awards. Calista Shareholders and Descendants living within and outside of the Calista Region may be nominated up until 5 p.m. on March 15.
2023 Annual Meeting Set for June 2
Calista Corporation has set June 2 as the date for its 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Voting in the Annual Meeting will begin on or by April 28 and end May 30.
Calivika Business Directory

Calista Corporation is launching a new website featuring businesses owned by our Shareholders, Descendants and their spouses. We’ve chosen Calivika as the site’s Yup’ik name.