Frequently Asked Questions

All eligible Calista Corporation Shareholders financially harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be able to apply for assistance through the 2020 CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The online application is expected to launch in October 2021 and the application period will conclude in mid-November 2021.

Who is eligible?

A Calista Shareholder:

  • Of any age
  • Currently alive
  • A U.S. citizen
  • Living in the United States.
When can Calista Shareholders apply?

The application period for Calista’s CARES assistance is expected to run from October to mid-November. Because Calista must expend all funds by December 31, 2021, there will be no extensions and no exemptions.

How much did Calista receive?

The 2020 CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund allocated $8 billion for Tribes and Alaska Native Corporations. On August 9, 2021, Calista received $12.2 million of the $443 million allocated to Alaska Native Corporations. Read our August 9 announcement.

How will funds be distributed?

Calista will distribute:

  • $11.4 million in assistance to eligible Shareholders ($325 per Shareholder)
  • $10,000 to purchase fish to assist families in the Yukon area due to low salmon returns this year
  • Approximately $791,000 to partially cover the costs to administer Calista’s CARES assistance program (development of application program, costs to print and distribute to Shareholders, etc.)
  • Note: The U.S. Department of the Treasury has been very clear that all use of CARES funds can be audited. Any use of CARES funds must be regularly reported to Treasury and must meet its requirements. Read the rules.
How was the dollar amount per Shareholder calculated?

Calista currently has about 34,000 Shareholders, and each Shareholder who is currently alive, a U.S. citizen, and living in the United States, is eligible to apply for this CARES assistance.

On average there are 2.5 Shareholders in each household. That means the average Shareholder household could receive over $800.

We know that these funds won’t even come close to completely cover the financial impacts that many Shareholders have suffered from the pandemic, but we know these payments will help.

What information is needed to apply?

On the upcoming online application, Calista Shareholders will need to:

  • Provide their enrollment number, first-middle-last name, and date of birth
  • On the list of hardships experienced during the pandemic, check all items that apply
  • Self-certify that all information you provided is true and accurate
Where is my enrollment number?
  • Shareholders can find their enrollment number in their account.
  • Additionally, in late September, Calista will send via USPS a letter to every Shareholder with his or her enrollment number.
What does self-certification mean? Will Calista ask for receipts?

Self-certification is like promising (or attesting) the information provide is true and accurate. Calista will not ask for receipts.

Per the federal government, any use of these CARES funds by Calista must be directly connected to the pandemic.

When an applicant (you) self-certifies, that means you are confirming you were financially harmed by the current coronavirus pandemic since March 2020.

How do I update my address or direct deposit account?

At or by contacting Shareholder Services (

Why is the application online only?

Two reasons: cost and speed. Online applications are significantly less costly to process compared to paper applications. Also, online applications are much faster to process compared to paper applications.

Another benefit with online forms is that hand-written forms can be hard to read, even when scanned into a computer. For example, a 1 can look like a 7.

When will CARES assistance funds be sent out?

Early December.

Are these CARES assistance funds taxable?

According to the federal government, these funds are not taxable.

Can Calista use CARES funds for a special dividend?

No. The U.S. Department of the Treasury prohibits distributing CARES funds to shareholders as a special dividend. Read the Treasury guidelines.

Can Calista use CARES funds for bonuses?

No. Treasury prohibits bonuses from CARES funds. Read the Treasury guidelines.

Why did Tribes get more CARES funds?

That was a decision by Treasury. Read more about how Treasury allocated CARES Tribal funds.

Why did other ANCs get less/more CARES funds?

Treasury determined how much each ANC received. Read more about how Treasury allocated CARES Tribal funds.