Calista Corporation Board-endorsed candidates Dora Moore, Myron P. Naneng, Sr., Robert L. Beans, and Ron Hoffman have decades of combined Tribal and board service.

Vote for Option 1* to to support these experienced candidates and help continue Calista’s increased Shareholder benefits, continued transparency and increased growth.

Read the sections below to see some results of partnerships with fellow Board Directors and Calista management.

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  • Calista's Strong Growth

    Due to strong leadership on the Board and the Board’s strong partnership with the management, Calista has experienced exceptional financial growth.

    Vote Option 1 to keep these successes going.

    Increased Profits (Net Income), Assets, and Shareholders’ Equity (all assets minus all liabilities)




  • Shareholder Benefits

    Through April 2021, there have been a total of 36 dividends and distributions totaling over $94 Million! 

    Vote Option 1 to keep these successes going.

    Increasing Shareholder dividends and distributions

    Increasing Elder distributions

  • About Dora Moore

    Dora Moore, age 53, (Anchorage, Alaska) is a Shareholder of Calista Corporation with ties to Emmonak, AK. Ms. Moore has no family relationship (defined as spouse, parents, children or siblings by blood or adoption) with any Director or officer of Calista or any of its subsidiaries, or with any other nominee.

    Personal Statement

    My name is Dora Christine Moore and I am originally from Emmonak, AK. I received my AA degree in Business Admin. & Management. I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree. With the vision, & mission statement, I will refer to the core values of Calista as a guide to represent the shareholders.

    I have served on a local school board, tribal council, work as a Unit Manager/Project Manager and Tribal Administrator. I have also worked for Calista’s Non-Profit organization-Calista Education & Culture, Inc., Enrollment and served on the Calista Public Advocacy & Engagement Committee.

    Calista Corporation Experience

    Ms. Moore worked with Calista Education and Culture, Inc. (“CECI”) from 2014-2017, and again from 2019-2020, aiding with the complex grant application process. She worked for Calista Corporation on shareholder enrollment during 2017. Ms. Moore also worked at Yulista Aviation, Inc. as a procurement/purchasing intern in 2014. She has been an active member of the Calista Corporation Public Advocacy and Engagement Committee since 2019.


    Ms. Moore holds a diploma from Alaska Career College in 2001 as a Business Office Specialist. She received an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University in 2017 and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management. Ms. Moore holds several certificates from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, as well as certificates from Western Community Policing Center, Native American Management Services, Inc., and Native Heritage Center.

    Other Work Experience

    Ms. Moore is currently employed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Program Support Assistant. She worked at Alaska Humanities Forum from 2017-2019; worked as the Emmonak Tribal Council Administrator (2009-2013); worked with the Emmonak Boys and Girls Club as Unit Manager (2003-2009) and with the Alaska Native Heritage Center in 2001. She served on the Board of Directors of the Emmonak Tribal Council (2009).

  • About Myron P. Naneng, Sr.

    Myron P. Naneng, Sr., (Incumbent), age 69, (Bethel, Alaska) is a Shareholder of Calista Corporation and Sea Lion Corporation. Mr. Naneng has no family relationship (defined as spouse, parents, children or sibling by blood or adoption) with any other Director or officer of Calista or any of its subsidiaries, or with any Director candidate.

    Personal Statement

    Calista Corporation can create in-region opportunities for shareholders. Granted Donlin Creek, if ever developed will bring influx of money to the region and jobs for shareholders. However, there is opportunity that can be pursued by creating partnerships with village corporations. More of this can benefit both village corporations and Calista Corporation. Some villages are in need of infrastructure that Calista can help w/ and contract to bring to reality.

    Calista Corporation Experience

    Mr. Naneng has served on the Board since 2015, and his current term expires in 2021. He attended 86% of Board meetings (6 of 7) and 50% of his committee meetings (2of 4) for an aggregate attendance of 62% during the past year. All absences were excused. Mr. Naneng serves on the Akilista Fund Committee and has previously served on the Calista Board from 1980-1984, including service on the Proxy Committee, Ethics Committee, Shareholder Relations Committee, and Directors’ Committee.


    Mr. Naneng graduated from St. Mary’s High School in 1970, and then attended University of Alaska-Fairbanks and UAF, Kuskokwim Campus, where he received an Associate’s Degree in Land Resource Management in 1976. 

    Other Work Experience

    Mr. Naneng is the Representative of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Villages on the AFN Board of Directors. His business experience includes real estate appraisals and investments, and past experience working with the telecommunications company United Utilities, Inc. Mr. Naneng was brought on as Chief Operating Officer of Sea Lion Corporation in July 2020, and previously served as Board Chairman/President, positions he held from 1980-2021. He is also the past President of Association of Village Council Presidents (1990-2000, 2002-2016); Board member of Alaska Village Initiatives since 2015; and former Chair and Director of United Utilities, Inc., 1980 to 2008.

  • About Robert L. Beans

    Robert L. Beans, (Incumbent), age 68, (Palmer, Alaska) is a Shareholder of Calista Corporation. Mr. Beans has no family relationship (defined as spouse, parents, children or siblings by blood or adoption) with any Director or officer of Calista or any of its subsidiaries, or with any Director candidate.

    Personal Statement

    Never forgetting my roots, culture and heritage; I approach issues with an open mind and need to protect, enhance and grow Calista Shareholder’s equity. I take my Oath to Office and Fiduciary Duties to Calista seriously and act within the boundaries laid out in Calista’s Code of Business and Conduct for Director. It takes teamwork, vision and a mission to be successful. Since 2012, Calista has grown slowly and steadily. If re-elected, I give you my solemn promise that I will continue to help set policies and vision for Calista and its 33,400 shareholders. May God bless you.

    Calista Corporation Experience

    Mr. Beans has served on the Calista Board since 2012 and his current term expires in 2021. He is the Board Chair, Vice-Chair of the Corporate Governance, Employee & Compensation Committee, Vice-Chair of the Shareholder Relations Committee, and Chair of the Calista Corporation Settlement Trust. Mr. Beans has previously served on various Calista committees, including the Corporate Governance, Employee & Compensation Committee, Ethics Committee, Proxy Committee, Audit/Finance/ Investment Committee, and Shareholder Relations Committee. Mr. Beans attended 100% of Board meetings (7 of 7) and attended 81% of his committee meetings (9 of 11, absences excused) for an aggregate attendance of 89% during the past year.


    Mr. Beans graduated from St. Mary’s High School in St. Mary’s, Alaska in 1971. His later education includes Basic Military Training, Advanced Infantry Training, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Officer Candidate School, Infantry Officer Basic Course, Alaska State Trooper Academy, Village Public Safety Officer Academy, Rural Firefighter Academy, Firearms Safety Instructor Training, Rural Firefighter Instruction Training, and Accredited Cooperative Director Certification. Mr. Beans completed his Basic Leadership Certification (“BLC”) in 2017 and is currently working on his Gold Certification.

    Other Work Experience

    Mr. Beans is retired. His past work experience includes Coastal Villages Region Fund in 2006 as a Project Specialist; U.S.D.A. Rural Development as a Multi-Family Housing Loan Specialist, 2005-2006, and Area Director Bethel Region, 2003-2005; Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation as Director of Tribal and Program Support Services, 2001-2003, and Grant Writer, 2000-2001; Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development in 2000 as a Project Coordinator; and Kuigpagmiut/CDC/Consortium as President and CEO, 1990-1999. He also served in the Alaska Army National Guard from 1971-1988, Honorable Discharge (Captain). Mr. Beans has served on various boards and commissions, including Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc. as a member, 1987-present, and as Chairman, 1990-2008; ANMC Diabetes Program Advisory Board, 2008-2010; Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance, 2001-2003; Rural Alaska Sanitation Coalition, 2001- 2003; Governor’s Rural Sanitation Council, 1992-2000; National EPA/Tribal Operations Council, 1997-1999; Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Power Cost Equalization, 1997-1998; Alaska Inter-Tribal Council, 1994-1997; Asa’carsarmiut Tribal Council, 1984-1999; Lower Yukon REAA Regional School Board, 1985-1988; Mountain Village Schools Parent Advisory Council, 1985- 1988; AVCP, Inc. Executive Board, 1984-1986; PNEUMA Corporation, 1984-1986; and Aniak Police and Volunteer Fire Department Chief, 1980-1984.

  • About Ron Hoffman

    Ron Hoffman, age 65, (Bethel, Alaska) is a Shareholder of both Calista and the Kuskokwim Corporation. He has no family relationship (defined as spouse, parents, children or siblings by blood or adoption) with any Director or officer of Calista or any of its subsidiaries, or with any Director candidate.

    Personal Statement

    My goal is to build a stronger corporation, protect our land and subsistence way of life with responsible development and promoting traditional values. I will work cooperatively with all involved to build the bottom line profits, analyze investment opportunities, and monitor current corporation and subsidiaries.

    I strongly support the disbursement and dividends, providing financial support for education, training, and to enhance a financially strong corporation which will provide opportunities for shareholders. Quyana for your support.


    Mr. Hoffman graduated from Bethel Regional High School and attended the Kuskokwim Community College and Kenai Community College.

    Other Work Experience

    Mr. Hoffman served as President/CEO for AVCP Housing from 2000-2016. Over a 30 year span, he held numerous administrative positions with AVCP RHA. He served as Executive Director of Orutsararmiut Native Corporation (ONC) from 2016-2017, he also worked for the State of Alaska as the Local Government Specialist and AVCP Inc. as a Manpower Specialist and Compliance Monitor. For 36 years, Ron served the Region. He has served as a member of the following boards: Nuvista Light and Power, Association of Alaska Housing Authorities, Yuut Elitnaurviat, AAHA Denali Commission Representative and the National Indian Housing Council. Ron is currently retired. Recognitions: AVCP Chairman Recognition Award, Calista/Axel Johnson Distinguish Award, AVCP RHA Service Award, Association of Alaska Housing Authority Leadership and Contribution Award and NAIHC George Nolan Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • FAQs on Campaigning and Endorsements

    As a Shareholder, can I campaign for any candidate of my choosing on social media?

    Yes. However, please be aware that Alaska law requires any person who distributes materials (posts, comments or shares) relating to proxy solicitations to at least 30 Alaska resident Shareholders must send the materials to the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities at the same time the materials are distributed to Shareholders.

    This includes any materials published on the Internet. Shareholders may meet this legal requirement by emailing the proxy materials to

    Why are there Board-endorsed candidates this year?

    Calista is growing fast, consistently profitable, and has been increasing the amount of distributions and other benefits paid to Shareholders. The Calista Board decided it would be good to let Shareholders know if the Board endorsed one or more candidates, in order to give Shareholders a way to express support for Calista’s continued growth, profitability and payment of benefits to Shareholders.

    Is it legal for the Board to endorse one or more board candidates?

    Yes, Alaska law permits ANCSA corporation boards to endorse candidates. Top-performing corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, often endorse board candidates.

    I don’t know any of the candidates. Who should I vote for?

    The Calista Board endorses candidates Myron P. Naneng, Sr., for Unit 1, Dora Moore for Unit 2, Robert L. Beans for Unit 3, and Ron Hoffman for At-Large, and recommends you vote for them.

    Biographical information and a personal statement from each candidate are provided in the Proxy Statement and are also available if you vote online at

    Can I vote for only a few of the Board-endorsed candidates?

    Yes. The Proxy Form distributed by the Board provides two options for the election of directors. If you check Option 1, all your votes will be voted for the Board-endorsed candidates. However, if you mark a line through one of the candidates’ name in Option 1, none of your votes will be voted for that candidate, and all of your votes will be allocated to the other Board-endorsed candidates.

    Who sees the votes?

    All proxy votes and ballots are received, verified, and counted by an independent Inspector of Elections (Sramek-Hightower, a CPA firm, not Calista staff). The postage-paid envelope is preaddressed to them.

    All proxy prize winners are also randomly drawn by the Inspector of Elections.

    Need your PIN to vote online?

    Contact the Inspector of Elections, Sramek-Hightower, at 907-677-3320.