The Calista Corporation Board Shareholder Relations Committee has temporarily suspended all Committee travel to the Region due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns.

Calista encourages Shareholders to provide feedback and direction to the company by speaking with their representative Board members, or by serving on the Board directly. (Note: Annual Meeting information is found here.)

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For questions about our Board of Directors, or to send a message to a specific Board Member, please get in touch with us. Select the Board of Directors category when you complete the contact form.

Did you know? The Board Shareholder Relations Committee was formed in 2004 and has provided about 170 community presentations. They visit 10-20 communities each year (weather permitting).

  • Shareholder Relations Committee

    Formed in 2004, Calista Corporation’s Shareholder Relations Committee is comprised of five members from the Board of Directors. Each year, generally in the first and fourth quarters, they travel to communities around the YK Delta to provide updates on Calista’s operations and activities. One or two staff members usually join the committee. This section will be updated when tour dates are confirmed.

    Did you know?

    • This Committee was formed to help share and provide updates on Calista activities and the Donlin Gold project
    • From 2004 to summer 2018, the Committee has provided about 170 community updates
    NOTICE: The Calista Corporation Board Shareholder Relations Committee has temporarily suspended all Committee travel to the Region due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns.

    Updates on enrollment, Annual Meeting, and Door prizes, too!


    Upcoming (suspended until further notice)

    Day Date Village Time Location
    Monday 3/16/20 Newtok 10am Village Council Office
    Monday 3/16/20 Toksook Bay 1pm Multi – Building
    Monday 3/16/20 Nightmute 3pm Community Building
    Tuesday 3/17/20 Atmautluak 10am Tribal Building
    Tuesday 3/17/20 Oscarville 1pm TBD
    Wednesday 3/18/20 Mountain Village 10am City Hall
    Wednesday 3/18/20 St. Mary’s 1pm City Hall
    Wednesday 3/18/20 Pilot Station 3pm City Hall
    Monday 3/30/20 Chevak 10:30am JVP Building
    Monday 3/30/20 Hooper Bay 1:15pm Community Building
    Tuesday 3/31/20 Sleetmute 10:30am Community Building
    Tuesday 3/31/20 Crooked Creek 1:15pm Village Office
    Wednesday 4/1/20 Platinum 10:30m Tribal Council Building
    Wednesday 4/1/20 Goodnews Bay 1:15pm Tribal Office

    Completed / Weathered

    Day Date Village Time Location
    Monday 1/27/20 Kasigluq 12:30pm Community Center/Qaluksuk
    weathered 1/28/20 Platinum 12pm Tribal Council Building
    weathered 1/28/20 Goodnews Bay 3pm Tribal Office
    Wednesday 1/29/20 Kwethluk 9am City Council Conference Room
    Wednesday 1/29/20 Akiachak 1:30pm Bingo Hall
    Thursday 1/30/20 Napakiak 10am Bingo Hall
    Thursday 1/30/20 Napaskiak 1:30pm Tribal Multipurpose Building
    Monday 2/3/20 Chuathbaluk 12pm Tribal Office
    Monday 2/3/20 Aniak 2:45pm Community Hall
    Tuesday 2/4/20 Nunapitchuk 12pm Community Hall
  • Helpful Documents
  • General duties

    Members of Calista Corporation’s Board of Directors are elected by Shareholders to provide guidance to the company on a variety of matters. Their duties include the responsibility of hiring and reviewing the performance of the company’s president/CEO, establishing broad policies and objectives, approving budgets and ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources.

  • Elections

    Elections are held annually, with the final count of votes determined by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm at the annual meeting. Terms last for three years.

  • How to be a Board of Director candidate

    Board of Director candidate solicitation generally opens a few months before the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, with the deadline for candidate solicitation announced at that time. To learn exactly when candidate applications are accepted, please watch for the Storyknife newsletter announcement, special mailings and/or announcements online such as on the Calista Facebook page. To ensure you are notified of candidate openings, please provide Shareholder Records with your current contact information.

  • Who can be a candidate

    Calista Board of Director candidates must be at least 18 years old and must be a Calista Corporation Shareholder.

  • Current Board Members / Units

    (Updated July 2, 2021 following 2021 Annual Meeting)

    Myron P. Naneng, Sr., Director; Home Village: Hooper Bay; Villages Represented: Unit 1, to include Hooper Bay, Paimiut, Chevak and Scammon Bay

    Dora M. Moore, Director; Home Village: Emmonak; Villages Represented: Unit 2, to include Alakanuk, Sheldon Point (Nunam Iqua), Bill Moore’s Slough, Hamilton and Emmonak

    Robert L. Beans, Chair; Home Village: Mountain Village; Villages Represented: Unit 3, to include Kotlik, Chuloonawick, Mountain Village, Pitkas Point and Saint Mary’s

    George Guy, Director; Home Village: Kwethluk; Villages Represented: Unit 4, to include Kwethluk, Napaskiak, Oscarville, Napakiak and Eek

    Johnny Evan, Secretary; Home Village: Tuntutuliak; Villages Represented: Unit 5, to include Tuntutuliak, Quinhagak, Goodnews Bay, Platinum, Kwigillingok, Kipnuk and Kongiganak

    Wayne Don, Director; Home Village: Mekoryuk; Villages Represented: Unit 6, to include Mekoryuk, Chefornak, Toksook Bay, Umkumiute, Tununak, Nightmute, Newtok

    Margaret Pohjola, Vice Chair; Home Village: Chuathbaluk; Villages Represented: Unit 7, to include Lime Village, Stony River, Sleetmute, Red Devil, Crooked Creek, Georgetown, Napaimute, Chuathbaluk, Aniak, Kalskag (Upper), Lower Kalskag

    Willie Kasayulie, Director; Home Village: Akiachak; Villages Represented: Unit 8, to include Tuluksak, Akiak, Akiachak, Atmautluak, Nunapitchuk, Kasigluk

    Earl Samuelson, Sr., Treasurer; Home Village: Bethel; Villages Represented: Unit 9, to include Bethel

    Nick P. Andrew, Jr., Director; Home Village: Marshall; Villages Represented: Unit 10, to include Andreafski, Pilot Station, Marshall, Ohagamiut, Russian Mission

    Ron Hoffman, Director; Home Village: Bethel; Villages Represented: At-Large, to include any Shareholder