Make a Choice. Use Your Voice.

Don’t let Covid-19 keep you from voting this year.


To participate in the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election, you must:

  • Register to vote – Deadline Oct. 4, 2020
  • Vote on or before Election Day – Nov. 3, 2020

Several methods of voting are available this year. Voting by mail is highly recommended, as long as you act now to request an absentee ballot and return it ASAP after it arrives in the mail! Mailed ballots must be signed and the ballot must be postmarked on time for your vote to count.

All the voting methods and rules are posted at with key details summarized below.

You can also check online for your voter registration status, polling place location, and the status of absentee ballot applications and ballots returned by mail or electronic transmission (fax or mail).

Pamyua member and Calista Corporation Shareholder Stephen Blanchett (Qacung Yufrican) has an important message about why Alaska Native people must vote regularly.
  • Vote By Mail

    Time is running out! Anyone can request to vote by mail. By early October, ballots are in the mail to voters who requested to vote by mail.

    YK voters! You are strongly encouraged to apply now and return your completed, signed absentee ballot ASAP after it arrives in the mail!

    Apply Online for the State of Alaska’s paperless Online Absentee Ballot Application. You must have a valid Alaska Driver’s License or State ID to use this option.


    Apply By Mail to received a mailed absentee ballot application!

    • As soon as possible, fill out, print off, and hand sign a Ballot Application 
    • Mail the application to:

    Absentee & Petition Office

    2525 Gambell Street, Ste. 105

    Anchorage, AK 99503-2838

    Read the FAQS about voting by mail.

  • Vote By Electronic Transmission

    Registered voters can:


    You must return the ballot by mail or by fax. Please follow all directions at

  • Vote Early or In-Person Absentee

    Vote early/absentee in person – Vote an early or absentee in person ballot beginning 15 days before Election Day.

    Locations for early voting and absentee in person voting may be limited in the YK Region. These locations will be posted on the elections website approximately one month before election day (here).

    Read the FAQs on early voting.

  • Vote by Personal Representative (Special Needs)

    Vote by personal representative – Unable to vote in person due to age, serious illness or disability? Have a personal representative pick up a ballot for you beginning 15 days before Election Day.

    Read the FAQs on voting by Personal Representative.

  • Vote in Person on Election Day

    Go here to find your polling place location and hours of operation.

    When you arrive, you will be asked for identification by the precinct register worker such as: Voter ID card, driver’s license, state ID, military ID, passport, hunting or fishing license or other current or valid photo ID. If you do not have one of those, you may present a current utility bill or paycheck, government check or bank statement or other government issued document.

    The Alaska Division of Elections has posted COVID-19 FAQs for voters. Key facts include:

    • Hand sanitizer will be available for voters to use before checking in, when using voting equipment, and when they exit the polling place.
    • The Division of Elections will provide 6-foot markings in the polling place to promote social distancing and Election Officials will encourage voters to practice social distancing while standing in line; being checked in; and waiting to place their ballot in the ballot box.
    • Election officials will make every effort to space voting booths six feet apart.
    • Election officials will monitor the number of people in a location at a time, depending on CDC and state public health guidelines.
  • Common Absentee Voting Mistakes

    Voting absentee by mail? Nearly 900 absentee ballots were rejected in the 2020 Primary Election for not meeting Division of Election requirements.

    Your absentee ballot will not counted if it is not postmarked by Election Day. Most mail is postmarked in Anchorage! If you wait to put your ballot in the mail until Election Day, or even a week before Election Day, it is possible that it will not be postmarked in time.

    YK voters! You are strongly encouraged to apply now and return your completed, signed absentee ballot ASAP after it arrives in the mail!
  • What's on the Ballot?

    View the general candidate list and find contact information, links to candidate pages and email addresses.

    Find information about ballot measure(s) appearing on the general election ballot.

    General sample ballots will be posted approximately 50 days prior to Election Day.

    The State of Alaska official election pamphlet will be posted no later than 22 days prior to Election Day.

  • Alaska Native Language Assistance

    The Division of Elections provides voting materials, including absentee ballot applications, in a number of Alaska Native languages, including Yup’ik/Cup’ik/Cup’ig dialects.

    Alaska Voter Language Assistance