Board Message: Financial Strength

By Robert Beans, Board Chair

Storyknife, May/June 2021 edition

Over the last 10 years, Calista has maintained a steady pace of solid financial performance, making way for consistent growth, new acquisitions and growing benefits for Shareholders. The pandemic has spurred a global economic slowdown, yet Yulista generated a record $400 million in revenue, with Calista overall producing record financial results.

Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair

Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair

The worst pandemic in generations is deeply impacting communities everywhere—including our own—but it has not stopped Calista from continuing to build capital for and provide services to our Shareholders.

In 2020, Calista surpassed 33,000 Shareholders and total Shareholder Distributions exceeded $86 million.

Calista provided training and work experience to 147 Calista Interns over the last 10 years. Additionally, Calista employed 95 Shareholders in 2020.

Calista’s nonprofit arm, Calista Education and Culture, Inc. (CECI), has provided scholarships totaling $5.5 million to Shareholders and Descendants, since its inception in 1994.

In 2020, 7 in 10 Shareholder students attended a school in Alaska, with the Top 3 Majors ranked as Business, Education and Engineering. The 375 Shareholder students who received a scholarship last year—along with those who came before them, and those still to come—are the backbone of our communities. These Shareholders are leading us in a direction of Continuous Improvement, a cultural and corporate value that guides us to grow as a community with one another in our hearts and our minds.

Calista’s recent decision to fully acquire Nordic Calista and invest in new Nordic Calista equipment has brought on a flurry of new activity in the form of contract wins on the North Slope and Cook Inlet.

This type of business growth is important in keeping up with Shareholder growth, and in turn, growth in Distributions. With over 33,000 Shareholders, Calista is the largest regional Alaska Native Corporation by number of Shareholders. Only four years ago, Calista had 13,500 Shareholders. We are grateful to see the next generation benefit from Calista’s growth.

Significant Revenue Growth

2020 Revenues  $732.9M

Calista’s revenue growth in 2020 shows another promising year for the corporation. 2020 revenues were $732.9 million, a 28% increase from 2019 revenues of $573 million. Revenue growth occurred across three business lines:

Federal Contracting
• Construction, Equipment and Excavation
• Energy, Engineering and Environmental