December 16, 2021

Calista Corporation Issues Statement on its Legal Complaint Against the Alaska Redistricting Board

Calista Corporation has released the following statement about the legal complaint it filed against the Alaska Redistricting Board regarding the Board’s 2021 Proclamation of Redistricting.

“Calista Corporation believes voting is one of the most powerful actions available to citizens. As an Alaska Native Corporation formed under ANCSA, it is incumbent upon us to assist in protecting the voting rights and powers of our Shareholders. We support the communities of Scammon Bay, Chevak, and Hooper Bay to be properly placed in District 38. Bethel is a social and economic hub for these communities.

The Alaska Redistricting Board failed to honor these requests and included only Chevak in District 38. Calista filed this complaint alongside a resident from Scammon Bay and a resident in Hooper Bay, at no charge to them or the communities.”

Calista filed the complaint on December 10, 2021, in state Superior Court in Bethel.

Learn more about litigation by Calista and other organizations regarding the Board’s 2021 Proclamation: