Calista Offers Record Number of Intern Positions in 2022

Interns receive competitive pay, networking opportunities and many other benefits

Storyknife, January/February 2022 edition

Calista Corporation and its subsidiaries are offering a record 40 internships this year to Shareholders and Descendants attending a four-year college or vocational/technical school and holding a 2.0 GPA.

The intern program has grown dramatically since 2010, when 7 positions were available. The highest number of intern positions Calista has offered in the past was 28 internships in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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  • Who’s Eligible: Calista Corp. Shareholder or Descendant currently attending college or vo-tech school; 2.0+ GPA; at least 18 years old
  • Deadline: March 13
  • Duration: 10 weeks, fulltime (May 26-Aug 5)
  • Benefits: Competitive pay; room & board + transport costs covered; professional networking; cultural activities
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2021 Intern Alice Samuelson

According to Calista’s Human Resources staff, some Calista programs and holding lines are offering brand-new internships, while others are hiring more interns than they did in the past.

“More managers are seeing the benefits of hosting an intern,” explains Leila Johnson, Calista Corp.’s Shareholder Training & Development Specialist.

For example, she says, new positions have been added in human resources, oil and gas, engineering, finance, logistics and government relations. As of mid-February, some positions have been filled but many others are still available.

Calista’s nonprofit arm, Calista Education & Culture, Inc. (CECI) also continues to offer internship positions for transcriber/translators and other roles supporting CECI’s mission to promote Yuuyaraq, the traditional way of being in the Calista Region.

Leila Johnson, Calista Corp. Shareholder Training & Development Specialist

All interns gather each Tuesday, in virtual meetings, to learn from experts about our Region’s culture, stories and crafts, and receive professional career guidance from Calista executives and other leaders in the Alaska Native community.

“The most important aspect of Calista’s internships is the opportunity to build long-lasting professional relationships that can lead to successful, well-paying careers.”

Leila Johnson, Calista Corp. Shareholder Training & Development Specialist

Johnson works closely with company managers to make sure the best possible job matches are made for prospective interns. Ultimately, Calista wants to build lasting professional networks with its Descendants and place successful candidates in apprenticeships and full-time employment, she says.

Her advice for prospective interns? “Let your passion and enthusiasm lead you to a place to serve,” she says. “Be patient and never stop learning and developing. The intern program is a great place to start.”

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