September 26, 2019

Calista Corporation Responds to 2019 AVCP Donlin Resolution

(Anchorage, Alaska) – Calista Corporation respects the delegates at the 2019 AVCP convention. We also respect that a key component of both ANCSA and ANILCA is resource development.

Photo of 1983 Calista board members

1983 Board of Directors: Martin B. Moore (Secretary), Raymond C. Christiansen (Chairman), Nelson Angapak (Vice Chairman), Phillip Guy (Treasurer)

Calista’s founders knew the Donlin area was a high potential source for resource development. As a result the land was selected to ensure the rights to develop were in the hands of Calista’s Board of Directors, all of whom were shareholders.

These early leaders demonstrated their foresight by waiting to sign agreements for Donlin exploration. More than 20 years after the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) passed, Calista leaders signed an agreement for exploration in the mid-1990s.

Science and facts now prove that NEPA and Alaska’s strong environmental protections work. Two existing Alaska mines, Red Dog and Fort Knox, are real-world examples of success of NEPA and environmental stewardship.

Calista’s Board and management will continue to review any potential regional resource development on ANCSA lands with full awareness and active participation. Calista will also continue to share information as it becomes available. Further, Calista will continue to visit at least 10 communities each year to listen to Shareholders, and to provide updates on this and other important topics.

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