Calista Sends 2,000 lbs of Salmon to Lower Yukon Communities

Board of Directors Approved Purchase Using CARES Act Relief Funds

Storyknife, September/October 2021 edition

In August, the Calista Board of Directors allocated $10,000 of the $12.2 million Calista received in CARES Act relief funds to purchase salmon for Lower Yukon families who suffered extremely low salmon runs this year.

Lower Yukon fish donation

The State of Alaska coordinated shipment of 5,000 pounds of salmon purchased by Calista Corporation, Donlin Gold LLC and Nova Minerals to Emmonak via Everts Air Cargo on Sept. 17, 2021.

Calista allocated the salmon to Chevak, Hooper Bay and Scammon Bay. These communities did not benefit from salmon sent to Yukon River villages by seafood processors and the State of Alaska.

On Friday, September 17, the State of Alaska coordinated delivery of the 2,000 pounds of salmon purchased by Calista to Kwik’Pak Fisheries in Emmonak. Included in this shipment was an additional 3,000 pounds of fish purchased by the Donlin Gold Project and Nova Minerals.

“As Alaska Native people, sharing resources is one of our cultural values that helps us survive during hard times. Quyana to all who have donated fish to our Lower Yukon communities, and to all the partners working to distribute the fish.” — Andrew Guy, Calista President and CEO.

The fish donation program began with a large donation of salmon to Yukon River communities from Bristol Bay seafood processors.

Since then, the State of Alaska has purchased $135,000 worth of salmon, totaling 37,000 pounds for Yukon River communities.

Lower Yukon villages receiving previous salmon shipments include Russian Mission, Marshall, Pilot Station, St. Mary’s, Pitka’s Point, Mt. Village, Kotlik, Emmonak, Alakanuk and Nunam Iqua.

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