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Calista Shareholder Supports Home Project With Proxy Prize Winnings
$10,000 Winner Voted Online for Annual Meeting of Shareholders


Henry Kohl Jr. of Bethel is having a busy summer, so when his girlfriend encouraged him to vote online, he didn’t need much persuasion.

Henry Kohl

Henry Kohl Jr. of Bethel is using his proxy prize winnings to help build his new house.

“I thought, okay, that’s easier,” he says.

Henry was heading back to work after lunch on June 26 when the Regular Early Bird prizes were announced on Calista Corporation’s website and Facebook page.

Thanks to his vote, Henry won a $10,000 proxy prize in the June 26 drawing. He found out when his cell phone started to blow up, with family and friends calling to congratulate him.

The timing of the proxy prize is ideal for Henry because he’s building a new home.

“Cabinets are very expensive, flooring is really expensive,” Henry says.

So, he plans to put his winnings toward the house project.

Henry encourages fellow Shareholders to consider voting online and go “paperless” if they can.

He points out that young people can help out Elders who have difficulty using the Internet. On the other hand, from what Henry has seen, “Most of the Elders are pretty good at it.”

His observation is backed up by this year’s statistics: One in three Elders voted online.

Online voting was easy for Henry who already does his banking online and uses direct deposit.

“It only took me about 10 minutes to vote. I didn’t have to fill out anything. I used my phone and the data worked fine.”

“It’s so much easier, and it’s faster. It’s better all around,” he says.

Winning a prize this year also illustrated to Henry the importance of Shareholders making their voice heard through voting.

“People just need a reminder. We all (need to) remind each other.”


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