June 14, 2019

2019 Online Early Bird Prize Winners Announced

Congratulations! The Calista Corporation 2019 Online Early Bird proxy prize winners are below. All online votes received by June 7 at 5 p.m. qualified.

Haven’t voted? Vote now!

The next deadline, for paper or online votes, is June 17 by 5 p.m.

1st prize $10,000; 2nd prize $2,500; 3rd prize (5 winners) $1,000 (1st and 2nd prize are 1 winner each)

Mailing your blue paper Proxy Form? You’ll qualify for 2 more rounds of prizes. REMINDER: Your signed/dated paper proxy must be delivered and received by Sramek-Hightower, the Inspector of Elections, by the deadline. Postmark date doesn’t qualify.

A postage-paid envelope was included with the blue Proxy Form. The PIN to vote online is on the back of the form.

Voting online? You’ll qualify for 3 more rounds of prizes.

Online Early Bird Winners:

  • $10,000: Robert Hawk (Tuluksak)
  • $2,500: Michael Evan, Jr. (Lower Kalskag)
  • $1,000: Brenda Cox (Anchorage), Nicholas Charles, Jr. (Wasilla), Charlie Kairaiuak II (Anchorage), Rose Ann Savok (Anchorage), Francine Teve (Anchorage)


Once you vote (paper or electronic), you are AUTOMATICALLY entered into any eligible drawings. For example, if you voted online on June 14, you are automatically entered into all 3 remaining drawings. If you voted by paper and the Inspector of Elections receives it June 7 by 5 p.m., you are automatically entered into 2 drawings.

A Shareholder does have the right to change his/her vote. If a Shareholder votes again, the most recent proxy vote will be the valid vote. (If you vote June 16 and again June 17, the June 17 vote will count.)

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