Delta Constructors, Calista Corp. Finalize Workforce Development Agreement

Companies seek expansion of Alaska Native workforce development

December 28, 2022

Delta Constructors and Calista Corporation are committed supporters of skilled workforce development. Skilled trades are an important part of healthy communities near and far. Since the beginning of our companies, we have sought to create opportunities in the communities we work in through internships, partnerships with trade schools, apprenticeship programs, and training centers. We are excited to announce that we are now taking our commitment even further!

Photo of Ed Gohr and Andrew Guy

Delta Constructors CEO Ed Gohr and Calista Corp. President/CEO Andrew Guy met to finalize a new agreement to expand opportunities for Alaska Native workforce development.

Delta Constructors and Calista Corporation have finalized an agreement that will expand our ability to support Alaska Native workforce development. Especially in rural, predominantly Alaska Native communities, there are limited opportunities to participate in skill-developing internships, apprenticeship programs, and trade schools that could develop and build skilled tradesmen.

Per the agreement, Delta and Calista will work together to achieve expanded employment opportunities for Alaska Native corporation shareholders throughout Alaska. The agreement streamlines communication and aligns the two organizations to better inform, encourage, and support the delivery of skill-building opportunities to Calista Corporation Shareholders and the shareholders of other Alaska Native corporations.

“This partnership with Calista strengthens Delta’s commitment to lead the opportunity to train and develop much needed skilled trades across Alaska Native communities. Preparing Alaskans for good paying jobs in Alaska’s oil fields, and energy developments of the future.”

Edward Gohr, Delta Constructors CEO

“We are proud of our partnership with Delta Constructors and look forward to working together to advance Alaska Native employment opportunities and strengthen the economic foundation of our communities.”

Andrew Guy, Calista Corporation President/CEO

Our companies have been long-time advocates for Alaska hire. This partnership will expand Delta’s reach and broaden the employment opportunities it can provide to Alaska Native corporation shareholders. We believe that a strong Alaskan workforce is the backbone of Alaska’s growth potential and as such, we commit to provide employment opportunities to as many Alaskans as we are able.

For all those seeking employment with Delta Constructors, you can apply directly at or find out more at


Calista Corporation is a regional Alaska Native corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, aiming to promote economic opportunities for nearly 36,000 Alaska Native shareholders with ties to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region. Calista Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Bektuq Holding, LLC, has a 25% stake in Delta Constructors.

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