Note: This Important Notice Regarding Delivery of Shareholder Documents was mailed to every Shareholder currently on record on March 16, 2018. Each Annual Meeting packet uses about 100 pages of paper. Click Here for a PDF (284kb) of the Delivery of Shareholder Documents Notice.

Dear Calista Corporation Shareholder,

Calista Corporation (“Calista”) is excited to announce a change that will save approximately $40,000-$60,000 per year and reduce paper use by about three tons each year.

Generally, for each Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Calista provides a large packet that contains an annual report, proxy statement that contains a list of candidates and other information, agenda, proxy prizes, draft meeting minutes, your individual proxy voting form, and other necessary materials. About 100 pages of paper are used for each Annual Meeting packet.

Beginning this year, Calista will mail each voting Shareholder an individual proxy voting form and will mail one Annual Meeting packet to all Shareholders with the same last name in the same household with the remaining items.

However, if a Shareholder opts-in to receiving Annual Meeting packets electronically, they will receive those materials, including proxy voting information, electronically only. This will save even more paper and money! For your convenience, we’ve included a form for you to “opt-in” and receive your Annual Meeting packets electronically.

If you change your mind and wish to receive your own Annual Meeting packet, you may “opt-out” by either calling Shareholder Services at 1-800-277-5516 or sending a signed and dated letter with your full name, phone number, mailing address, and your year of birth to the address below. Once you opt-out, Calista will start sending individual copies of the Annual Meeting packet within 30 days of receiving notification that you have opted out, beginning with the next mailing of the Annual Meeting packet after receipt of notification that you have opted out.

Staff, management, and the Calista Board appreciate your cooperation and support to reduce the amount of paper used for Annual Meeting packets and costs. We are aware of at least one other regional Alaska Native Corporation that successfully uses this option with the support of its Shareholders.

Quyana Cakneq. Piuraa and God bless.

Calista Corporation

Annual Meeting Packet Delivery Change