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President’s Message: Census 2020
Everyone Must Be Counted

Andrew Guy, Calista Corporation President/CEO

Storyknife, Jan./Feb. 2020 edition

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census to determine the number of people living in the United States.

This year the census began on January 21 in Toksook Bay—our Region. Numerators will continue counting in person in Western Alaska through the end of February.

We cannot downplay the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census. Census data helps our communities provide housing, fund education, prepare for emergencies and build schools, roads and hospitals. The Census determines federal funding for over 70 local programs in Alaska.

Census forms are filled out by household. Everyone living in the home must be counted, including children.

Historically, Alaska Natives are at risk of being missed in the count. Additionally, children under five, crowded homes, single-parent households and renters are at risk of being missed.

“We must do our part in letting our neighbors and loved ones know to be counted.” – Andrew Guy, Calista Corp. President/CEO

Threats to an accurate count are distrust and suspicion of government officials, language barriers and barriers to connectivity. The 2020 Census will be the first to push online responses, which may be difficult in our Region—with slow to sometimes unreliable connectivity.

2020 Census matters. Every Alaskan Counts.

We must do our part in letting our neighbors and loved ones know to be counted. People living in remote parts of the state will be counted in person, and you’ll only be asked 10 questions that only take about 10 minutes.

Alaska Counts Census 2020 FAQs
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