President’s Message: Quyana For Voting

Andrew Guy, President and CEO

Storyknife, May/June 2022 edition

Quyana to our Shareholders for the highest online Annual Meeting voting rate since online voting began in 2014. Nearly 8 in 10 Shareholders voted online, and most voted within 3 minutes.

Andrew Guy, Calista Corporation President/CEO

The Yukon Kuskokwim communities with the highest voting rates this year were: Akiak (80.5%), Pilot Station (76%), Quinhagak (73.1%), Napaskiak (71.8%) and Mekoryuk (71.8%). We work hard to make the proxy voting process effortless despite the connectivity issues we face in the Region.

A record-breaking 78 percent of Shareholders voted online in 2022, versus ~70% last year. More than half of all Elders voted online, a significant rate increase over last year.

As online voting rates have increased, so have requests to opt-in for electronic Annual Meeting materials. More than 2,100 Shareholders opted to receive Annual Meeting materials electronically this year, saving ~1,300 pounds of paper.

Shareholders voted to reelect P. George Guy and Johnnie Evan, and to elect a new director Jolene N. John. More than 12,000 Shareholders voted this year.

Online Shareholder Voting has averaged about 67% since 2018.

Your vote empowers you. Your votes count. Only Shareholder votes elect Directors. The Directors you elect set the goals for the corporation, and management works to fulfill those goals.

The votes you cast will not count if too few Shareholders vote—we must remind one another the importance of voting each year. If a majority of shares are not voted, the Annual Meeting will not proceed and additional time, cost and effort will be required to obtain quorum.

If quorum isn’t met in time, there is a risk that Calista will need to print and mail voting materials again. Proxy prizes are only awarded if quorum is met. It costs over $100,000 just to print and mail Annual Meeting materials to Shareholders. That’s over 6 tons of paper.

Nine of 10 communities were at least a 70% voting rate with Akiak reaching 80.5%.