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President’s Message: A Road to Success

By Andrew Guy, Calista President and CEO

Storyknife, January/February 2019 edition

Andrew Guy, Calista President/CEO and former intern

Andrew Guy, Calista President/CEO and former intern

Calista Corporation took a big step last year by welcoming thousands of new Shareholders into our corporation. Many of these Shareholders are young people. Someday, these bright young minds will become leaders in our homes and communities. It’s our responsibility to help them succeed by assisting them on their road to success.

Calista’s internship program is one of the many ways we work to grow the next generation of leaders. I believe deeply in this program because it had a positive impact on me. Back in the 1980s, I was an intern at Calista. The internship taught me more about not only meeting expectations of a supervisor and employer—the corporation—but excelling at it. The lessons I learned through my internship and early in my career helped craft my leadership abilities.

Calista’s internship program is an excellent opportunity for Shareholders and Descendants. The paid internships give students the opportunity to experience a specific job tied to a career and cultivate a work ethic that can open doors to new and exciting opportunities. As our own way of Yuuyaraq shows, it takes time and constant learning to become competent and innovative in any task we undertake.

Calista Interns 2018

Calista Interns 2018

Through our program, students learn about a career field of their interest. Interns learn cooperation and teamwork. They can network with career professionals. The business connections the interns make at Calista will help them in their careers and education.

The internship for some can even lead to a full-time regular position. Many students graduate college without a plan in place. Months of applying for jobs can be disheartening and a financial struggle as students look for work. But many of Calista’s interns may come back and work for Calista or its subsidiaries right after college. This opportunity not only relieves stress and financial burdens, it puts them on a path to a successful career.

Calista’s internships help students establish a work ethic. The lessons they learn while working at our corporation and its subsidiaries will serve them well as they begin their careers and adulthood.

Our corporation is full of bright young minds who are eager to help our people. Not only do the internships benefit our Youth, they enhance our corporation. By welcoming our Youth to the corporation, they better understand our Region and Calista. When they come to work for Calista, we are ensuring a bright future for both our Shareholders and our corporation.

Internship Application Deadline: March 21, 2019
Internship Program Dates: May 23-August 2, 2019

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