President’s Message: Stay Connected

By Andrew Guy, Calista President and CEO

Storyknife, May/June 2019 edition

Andrew Guy, Calista President/CEO and former intern

Andrew Guy, Calista President/CEO

46 percent of voting Shareholders are 18-39 years old. More than 7 in 10 Shareholders prefer to reach Calista by mobile device rather than a desktop computer. 8 in 10 Shareholders have an email. Over 4,500 Shareholders currently have a free account, and nearly the same amount have opted-in to receive the Storyknife eNewsletter. The online presence of a corporation continues to become more seamless—and important—every year.

Calista reached a large segment of Shareholders through the Calista Connect Contest in March. The contest saw great results. Registrations to the Shareholder portal grew from 88 new registrations in January and February, to 360 newly registered Shareholders in March. Calista saw four times as many Shareholders join during the contest than the previous two months combined!

Another aspect of the Calista Connect Contest required Shareholders to opt-in to receive the Storyknife eNewsletter. Over 120 Shareholders opted-in for the Storyknife eNewsletter in January and February, with a growth of 665 Shareholders signing up for the eNewsletter in March. Storyknife eNewsletter opt-ins grew by more than five times!

“With 46 percent of voting Shareholders 18-39 years old, the online presence of a corporation continues to become more seamless—and important—every year.” – Andrew Guy, Calista President/CEO

The free portal allows you to update your contact info, review your distributions history and confirm you have fast, efficient direct deposit for Calista distributions. The Storyknife eNewsletter keeps you connected to Calista with the latest news from your corporation. These two simple tools empower you as a Shareholder to stay in tune and grow alongside your corporation.

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