President’s Message: Workforce Development Opportunities

Our Mission Includes Increasing Shareholder Benefits and Economic Opportunities

Storyknife, Jan./Feb. 2023 edition

Andrew Guy, Calista Corporation President/CEO

Andrew Guy, Calista Corp. President/CEO

The opportunities for Calista Shareholders and their families to participate in workforce development is growing—even in these challenging economic times.

“With significant funding for infrastructure projects throughout Alaska, there are many jobs to fill and not enough people to fill them. That is why taking advantage of workforce development opportunities is so critical.”

Andrew Guy, Calista Corp. President and CEO

Calista has a number of initiatives related to workforce development. These fit with our mission to increase Shareholder benefits and economic opportunities through innovation, growth, leadership, partnership, execution and financial discipline.

Within our company, we have a vibrant internship program which matches full-time college and vocational school students with opportunities within our companies. Several of our interns have been hired into full-time jobs and are doing meaningful work on behalf of our Shareholders.

We also offer career pathway and apprenticeship programs, matching Shareholders and Descendants with opportunities to train for careers in maritime, engineering, construction, GIS and other industries, as well as teaching.

Calista’s Talent Bank is an important resource for Shareholders to connect them with work opportunities with our corporation, subsidiaries and Calista Education and Culture, Inc. Shareholders are encouraged to add their resume to the Talent Bank, and keep them updated, so we can reach out when qualified positions are available.

The Calista workforce is diverse and team oriented. Respect for others and dedication to our mission and strategic goals are a big part of why our company continues to grow. If you would like to keep track of new workforce development opportunities for Shareholders and their families, we invite you to follow Calista HR on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have questions, you may also contact our Shareholder Development team at, or by phone at 907-275-2800 or ext 2812.

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