Shareholder Employee Highlight

Alaina Aloysius Leads Path for Descendants

Storyknife, November/December 2021 edition

Alaina Nalikaq Aloysius, Calista Corporation Shareholder employee from Bethel, was recently promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor at the Calista corporate office in Anchorage. She moved to Anchorage in 2015 and remembers the move.

“It was definitely an adjustment moving from a small town and into the big city, but working at Calista felt like home,” she says. “I started at another regional corporation, and then I heard of an opening at Calista in Accounts Payable two weeks later, so went for it and got it. I’ve always wanted to work for my Native corporation, serve our people, grow within my Native corporation and be a positive influence on those that I now supervise.”

Alaina received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, focusing on Accounting, from Charter College. She had 8 years of experience in accounts payable working in Bethel before moving to Anchorage.

Alaina’s parents are Freda Aloysius of Bethel and Clyde Basso of Nanakuli, Hawaii. Alaina’s grandparents raised her, Emma (Petluska) Aloysius of Napaskiak and Jimmy Aloysius Sr of Holy Cross. Alaina reflects on her success in the company with some words for the younger generation of Shareholders.

“Don’t allow the bad things in life stop you from reaching your goals. Things will happen that you have no control over, but you must continue to live your best life,” she says.

“Always strive to succeed. We need to make our ancestors proud. It’s a big world out there with so much to see and do beyond your village.”