Vote early to be eligible for more cash prizes!

May 24, 2019

Calista Corporation Shareholders:

Voting and Annual Meeting materials are being distributed today, May 24. Each house will receive 1 full Annual Meeting packet (Annual Report financials, Proxy Statement, agenda, proxy prize list, Notice of Annual Meeting, and more).

Plus, each eligible voting Shareholder will receive an individual proxy voting form (blue paper). Printed on the back of the form shows the number of shares and votes you have. Your individual PIN to vote online is also printed on the back.

2019 Board Slate P George Guy and Johnnie Evan

Voting online and voting early can give you more chances to win. For example, voting online by June 7 at 5pm automatically qualifies you for ALL 4 ROUNDS OF PRIZES. Voting by paper by June 17 at 5pm qualifies you for 2 rounds of prizes. (All times are Alaska Time.)