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Uptick in Online Proxy Voting
Eight in 10 New Shareholders Have Email

Storyknife, May/June 2019 edition

Calista Shareholders are changing the way they choose to vote. Calista’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders has seen growth in online proxy voting since enrollment opened to Descendants. Last year, 62 percent of proxy votes were cast online.

Online proxy voting began in 2014 with only 2.5 percent of Shareholders voting online. It rose to 12 percent in 2015, then 19 percent in 2016, 24 percent in 2017, and it was over 62 percent in 2018.


Before Descendant Enrollment, Calista had 13,000 Shareholders in 2016. That number has more than doubled to over 29,000 Shareholders. Last year these new Shareholders made a strong showing in their first year of voting. Fifty six percent of all Calista Corporation shares entitled to vote were voted in 2018. This number is impressive, especially because thousands of new Shareholders voted for the first time.

A change in our Shareholder population means a change in how we get information to you.

As the number of Shareholders doubled in size, so did the number of voting Shareholders 18-39 years old. This new generation of Shareholders prefers digital communications. Eight in 10 new Shareholders have email.

You play a role in leading Calista in the direction that reflects the values of our younger population. As a new generation of Shareholders entering the corporation, we want to encourage you to actively participate. We value your voices, and we want you the Shareholder to make decisions through voting.

Voting by proxy even gives you a chance to win in the form of cash prizes. Make your voice heard, enter to win prizes, and stay informed to lead the direction of your corporation.

Whether you receive your proxy form via email or by mail, you can still vote online. On average, it only takes a Shareholder about four minutes to complete the voting process from beginning to end at CalistaVote.com.

Cast a Ballot at CalistaVote.com