Yulista Backpack Campaign 2019 in Emmonak & Kotlik

Calista Subsidiary delivers backpacks and school supplies to kids in Emmonak and Kotlik

Thank you to Yulista Holding, LLC employees for raising money to provide backpacks and school supplies to the kids in Emmonak and Kotlik this year! Yulista, a subsidiary of Calista Corporation, is based in Huntsville, Alabama, and saw employees raise enough money to purchase backpacks and school supplies for these Calista Region villages and for kids in their own Madison County community.

This donation to the schools of the Region makes an impact in the lives of our Shareholders and students with a reignited passion for learning! Thank you Yulista and its employees for providing backpacks with supplies to our Youth!

This is the 5th year of the Yulista Backpack Campaign. Yulista Holding, LLC goes to 2 or 3 different villages in the Calista Region every few years.

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