Yup’ik Teaching Moment: Upingarrlainarluni “Always Being Prepared”

Presented by Calista Education & Culture, Inc.

Storyknife, September/October 2021 edition


Calista Corporation is introducing a Yup’ik Teaching Moment to our Storyknife newsletter through Calista Education & Culture, Inc. (CECI), to highlight Yuuyaraq, the traditional/cultural way of being in our Region.

Along the coast, “Tide” is used to talk about preparedness. They would say, “Be ready when the tide is low for what
you will need to do at high tide.” This is used to tell people to prepare for any type of event before it comes around.

The Yup’ik phrase for “Always Being Prepared” is Upingarrlainarluni (UU-BEENG-ah-lai-na-ah-LOO-ni).

Today, it is true for anything we do. It may be school, work, the seasons for hunting and fishing, change of seasons and family activities. To perform at our best, it is always best to give good thought to what we are going to do, and prepare in advance for any eventuality before we get into it.

The mission of Calista Education & Culture, Inc. is to celebrate and promote Yuuyaraq, the traditional/cultural way of being in the Calista Region which inspires and encourages our people to achieve their dreams through education.