Immediate release

December 27, 2012


Immediate release

December 27, 2012


Calista Corporation Forms E3 Environmental Subsidiary

Provides Energy, Engineering and Environmental Consulting Services


(Anchorage, Alaska) – Calista Corporation today announced its newest wholly-owned subsidiary company, E3-Environmental, LLC. E3-Environmental was established to meet energy, engineering and environmental needs and serve clients throughout Alaska and elsewhere.


“E3-Environmental is an exciting opportunity for Calista to further diversify its portfolio and build a homegrown business which can also add value to our region,” said Christine Klein, Calista Chief Operating Officer and E3-Environmental President. “The Alaskan environmental consulting company will also provide needed professional options for our region and for the state. Key services include project planning and regulatory analysis, environmental permitting and impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, agency coordination and consultation, and regulatory compliance management and audits.”


E3-Environmental’s newest team members are Rosetta Alcantra, General Manager, Traci Bradford, and Natalie Hanson. Ms. Alcantra is a lifelong Alaskan with over 20 years’ experience in planning and consultation services for the transportation and oil and gas industries. She also brings experience working in the legislature and nonprofit management. Ms. Alcantra is the former Executive Director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council, where she worked with many of the communities in the region. Ms. Traci Bradford is a Chemical and Environmental Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in project management, site assessments, sampling, environmental analyses and site remediation. Ms. Bradford has worked with private industry, rural communities, and various federal, state and local agencies. Natalie Hanson, a lifelong Alaskan raised in Bethel, provides local knowledge and expertise on rural Alaskan planning and construction projects. Natalie is a hydrologist and will be providing support as an environmental scientist for the company.




The second largest of the original 13 Alaska Native corporations, Calista Corporation was established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and represents over 12,000 Shareholders. The Calista region encompasses over 6.5 million acres and includes 56 villages, which are incorporated into 46 individual village corporations. Since inception, Calista has provided more than $3.0 million in scholarships to its Shareholders and Descendants and more than $17.4 million in Shareholder dividends and distributions. Calista Corporation is the parent company of 16 subsidiaries, providing services ranging from telecommunications and marketing to construction and facility management. Calista can be found on Facebook ( and Twitter (


Rosetta Alcantra GM Rosetta Alcantra, General Manager


Traci Bradford Traci Bradford, Chemical and Environmental Engineer


Natalie Hanson Natalie Hanson, Environmental Scientist


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