Red Devil: A Mine Built Before Environmental Laws

Calista encourages Shareholders who live, work and subsist in the Red Devil area to learn more and weigh in on the cleanup plan.

Brice Develops Innovative Dredge

As a result of successful bidding, Brice subsidiaries made progress on addressing a big river delta problem in the Lower 48.

Ballot Measure 1 Harms Calista Shareholders

Nordic Calista Rig 3

The industry is responsible for a full 25% of all the jobs in Alaska, and remains the state’s largest taxpayer, by far.

Calista Corporation Highlights Alaska Native Voices with “I Vote Because” Campaign

Calista Corporation has launched an “I Vote Because” campaign to encourage voter turnout by Shareholders and Yukon-Kuskokwim communities.

Calista Announces 2020 Akilista Distribution

Largest Akilista distribution ever, and total 2020 distributions total $10 Million.

Calista Blindsided by Scheme to Link Donlin with Unrelated Project

Does Calista Corporation support this fantasy? No.

YK Delta Regional Tribal Government Process Continues

Calista Corporate Governance Committee shares update on the process of forming a Regional Tribal Government for the YK Delta Region.

Emmonak Port Project Seeks Regional Benefits

For nearly a decade, Calista Corporation advocated alongside local leaders and other regional partners to secure new port infrastructure in Emmonak. Their efforts bore fruit in 2018.

Calista Corporation Disappointed By Tribal Relief Fund Delays

Emmonak, Alaska. August 2019.

“Rural Alaska, and particularly the YK Region, has a significant lack of infrastructure to safely respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.” -Andrew Guy, President/CEO

CECI Mentorship Director Takes Students Under Her Wing

Ashley Johnson, Calista Shareholder and CECI Take Wing “Tengluni” Mentorship Director

“I was in their shoes, deciding how to pursue my education after high school. I want to tell them how I overcame homesickness and put my education first.” – Ashley Johnson, CECI Mentorship Director