Nov/Dec 2020 Storyknife: Shareholder Benefits (1.39MB, PDF)

CECI Public Health Graduate, Nordic Calista, COVID Safety, Donlin Gold, CECI Yuuyaraq Curriculum in Hooper Bay, and Stock Wills.

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Sep/Oct 2020 Storyknife: Infrastructure Projects (1.6MB, PDF)

Emmonak Port Project, PAEC Endorsements, CECI Mentorship Director, Our Home is Here – Donlin Gold, CEDS, Brice Marine Dredge.

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July/Aug 2020 Storyknife: Annual Meeting Results (4.6MB, PDF)

2020 Storyknife Jul-Aug COVER

Calista Interns, 2020 Shareholder Award Winners, Proxy Prize Winners, Brice Inc. Infrastructure Projects, Tribal Consultation, Board Officers, Donlin Gold, and more.

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May/June 2020 Storyknife: Annual Meeting (3.79MB, PDF)

2020 Storyknife May-Jun

2019 Year in Review, Financial Highlights, Proxy Prize Deadlines, Annual Meeting goes Virtual, Vote Online, Tribal Relief Fund,, and more.

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Mar/Apr 2020 Storyknife: Culture (1.35MB, PDF)

2020 Storyknife March-April on Culture

COVID-19 Pandemic, Calista Education Tengluni “Take Wing” Program, Regional Tribal Government, Leaders: Carlene Liskey Liesch, Yulista, Red Devil Mine, etc.

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Jan/Feb 2020 Storyknife: Workforce Development (3.09MB, PDF)

2020 Storyknife Jan-Feb cover

2019 Distributions Recap, Calista Seeks Interns, New Tribal Liaison, Census 2020, Calista in Oil & Gas Sector, Tunista Construction, BLM Finalizes Land Plan, etc.

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Nov/Dec 2019 Storyknife: Shareholder Benefits (3.97MB, PDF)

2019 Storyknife Nov-Dec COVER

Akilista Distribution, Leigh Ripke, Leaders from the Region: Percy Avugiak, Shareholder Promoted: Tisha Kuhns, Working at Donlin: Daryl McKindy, AFN, Strategic Decisions, Stay Connected, etc.

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Sept/Oct 2019 Storyknife: Infrastructure (3MB, PDF)

2019 Storyknife Sept-Oct

Yulista CARES Backpack Campaign; Brice Inc Newtok Move; Donlin: Not a Drill; Best in the West; Alaska Native Vietnam Veterans Allotment; Respecting AVCP Delegates & Calista Founders; Road to Success; and Air Force Commander Naming Ceremony.

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July/August 2019 Storyknife: Annual Meeting Results (3.8MB, PDF)

2019 Annual Meeting Results; Calista Education 20th Annual Golf Classic; Spotlight On Calista Real Estate; Leaders from the Region: Regina Therchik, Calista Intern at NASA; Donlin: A Good Plan is One Step Toward Success; and 2019 Shareholder Award Recipients.

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May/June 2019 Storyknife: Annual Meeting (1.5MB, PDF)

2019 Storyknife May-June: Lisa Jenkins

Uptick in Online Proxy Voting; Leaders From the Region: Lisa Jenkins, CECI Scholarship Recipient; Calista Scholarship Deadline; President’s Message: Stay Connected; Donlin Reclamation Plan; Donlin Gold Seeks Shareholder Employees; 2018 Corporate Achievements; and more.

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