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“For 40 years, Brown’s Hill has been the primary rock and gravel provider for most of the state, and will continue to be for another 20 to 30 years.”

Since 1972, Brown’s Hill has been established as the number one source for rock and aggregate products within the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Since that time, Brown’s Hill Quarry has produced a diversified range of aggregate products from boulders to chips, sand to topsoil.

Located at 4-mile Badger Road outside of Fairbanks, the 400-acre quarry manufactures a diverse range of products for resale to the US Department of Defense, the state and local customers.

On a yearly basis, Brown’s Hill Quarry processes and manufactures 200,000 cubic yards of materials. The quarry is the only commercial basalt source in Interior Alaska. Basalt is an igneous rock formed from hot magma that extrudes onto the surface. Its characteristics include high density, low abrasion and wear resistance. In addition to basalt products, the quarry offers alluvial gravel, topsoil and fill dirt.


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