Yulista Y-tech Services, Inc.





Y-Tech Services, Inc. is a service provider built on a foundation of exceptional people who provide exceptional results and delivery of product and service. Our team drives value for our clients and Shareholders by emphasizing and abiding by our parent corporation’s values and ideals. We offer forward-thinking, innovative solutions while maintaining the values set forth by our parent corporation.


  • Aviation Maintenance / Modification Services:
    • Technology Insertion
    • Prototype Development, Test, Validation, Verification & Limited Production
    • Platform Integration
    • Electronics & Communication Upgrades/Integration
    • Unit, Intermediate, & Depot Level Maintenance & Repair of Both Rotary & Fixed Winged Aircraft
    • Reset & Preset Operations
    • Sustainment Solutions
    • Scheduled / Unscheduled Maintenance
    • Avionic Upgrades/Replacements
    • Installation of Ballistic Protection
    • Corrosion Control & Prevention with Paint & De-Paint Operations Support
    • Repair & Maintenance on Maintenance Stands and Ground Support Equipment
  • Test Configured & Non-Standard Aircraft Maintenance
  • Paint & Corrosion Control Services
  • Metrology Services
  • Logistics & Technical Services

Customer Base

  • Government
  • DOD


For more information on how to do business with Y-Tech Services, Inc., contact at (907) 275-2800 or visit www.ytechservices.com