Calista Corporation Board-endorsed candidates Myron P. Naneng Sr. (Unit 1), Audrey Alstrom (Unit 2), Glenn J. Ivanoff (Unit 3) and Ron Hoffman (At-Large) have decades of combined experience with Tribes and programs that support Calista Shareholders.

By voting for Option 1 to elect these experienced candidates, you are strengthening Calista and supporting:

  • Distributions growth
  • Consistent revenues
  • Increased profits

Deadline: Vote at by Monday, June 3 at 5 p.m., Alaska Daylight Time

  • Calista’s Financial Performance

    Due to strong leadership on the Board and the Board’s strong partnership with the management, Calista has experienced exceptional financial performance.

    Vote Option 1 to help Calista keep these successes going.

    Revenue, Assets, and Shareholders’ Equity (all assets minus all liabilities)



  • Shareholder Benefits

    Vote Option 1 to help Calista keep these successes going.

    Increasing Shareholder dividends and distributions


    Increasing Elder distributions


  • Learn About Endorsed Candidates

    Administrative Unit 1: Myron P. Naneng, Sr. 

    Personal statement: “Calista Corporation has been providing dividends to shareholders for years through growth of the company and its subsidiaries, increasing each year. 8(a) contracting has increased in recent years. The board and management team have worked together in setting goals and objectives for create benefits and opportunities for shareholders, through internships and employment in the subsidiaries for years to come.

    “I am asking for your continued support and serve on the board and help set direction for Calista Corporation into the future.”

    Administrative Unit 2: Audrey Alstrom

    Personal statement: “Raised by a large extended family and community of elders, I’m deeply invested in Calista’s future. From being taught fish cutting by my Grandma as a young girl, learning Yup’ik values through stories and dance, to practicing engineering and managing projects across Alaska, I understand our unique challenges and opportunities. My background and diverse experience equip me to help lead Calista forward.

    “I believe in collaborative leadership that bridges Yup’ik values and economic growth. My demonstrated commitment to education, preserving cultural traditions, and responsible resource development make me a strong candidate – ready to build a successful future together. Quyana!”

    Administrative Unit 3: Glenn J. Ivanoff 

    Personal statement: “Like many of our people, I served our country for 21 years in the Air Force. I gained skills from the military, college, and government service to make informed decisions at a strategic level. These skills enabled me to become a servant-leader, and I was integral in the BIA’s Typhoon Merbok response. I drafted a request to Headquarters Budget office that received a $47 million Congressional allocation and provided communities with bottled water from the BIA. I am blessed to have been with certain teams performing great deeds. I would be honored to work and serve for the Calista Shareholders. Quyana!”

    Administrative Unit At-Large: Ron Hoffman 

    Personal statement: “Camai, my experience on the Board of Directors reflects my dedication to be a part of the team to build a stronger corporation. I will work cooperatively with all involved to build profits, analyze investment opportunities and monitor current businesses to ensure profitability. I support expanding education, training, employment and leadership opportunities for shareholders. I strongly support the disbursement of dividends. I pledge my commitment to protect our lands and subsistence ways of life with responsible development.

    “We must stay on the course of continued financial success and expand our families of companies for future generations. Quyana for your support.”


  • FAQs on Campaigning and Endorsements

    As a Shareholder, can I campaign for any candidate of my choosing on social media?

    Yes. However, please be aware that Alaska law requires any person who distributes materials (posts, comments or shares) relating to proxy solicitations to at least 30 Alaska resident Shareholders must send the materials to the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities at the same time the materials are distributed to Shareholders.

    This includes any materials published on the Internet. Shareholders may meet this legal requirement by emailing the proxy materials to

    Why are there Board-endorsed candidates?

    The Calista Board believes that it would be good to let the Shareholders know which candidates the Board has determined would best serve Calista and the Shareholders. This year the Board has endorsed four candidates: Myron P. Naneng, Sr. for Unit 1, Audrey Alstrom for Unit 2, Glenn J. Ivanoff for Unit 3, and Ronald B. Hoffman for the At-Large Unit.

    Biographical information and a personal statement from each candidate are provided in the Proxy Statement and at

    Is it legal for the Board to endorse one or more board candidates?

    Yes, Alaska law permits ANCSA corporation boards to endorse candidates. Top-performing corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, often endorse board candidates.

    I don’t know any of the candidates. Who should I vote for?

    Pursuant to the Calista Bylaws and Election Policies and Procedures, the Calista Board has endorsed candidates: Myron P. Naneng, Sr. for Unit 1, Audrey Alstrom for Unit 2, Glenn J. Ivanoff for Unit 3, and Ron Hoffman for At-Large, and recommends you vote for them.

    Biographical information and a personal statement from each candidate are provided in the Proxy Statement and at

    Why should I vote for the Board-endorsed candidates?

    Calista has been growing fast, has been consistently profitable for a number of years, and has been increasing distributions and other benefits to Shareholders. Voting for Board-endorsed candidates is a way to express support for Calista’s leadership and help it continue to produce positive results for the Shareholders. We encourage all Shareholders to review the Annual Report in detail to learn more about Calista’s performance this last year.

    Can I vote for just one of the Board-endorsed candidates?

    Yes. The Proxy Form distributed by the Board provides two options for the election of directors. If you check Option 1, all your votes will be allocated equally to the Board-endorsed candidates. However, if you mark a line through one of the candidates’ names in Option 1, none of your votes will be voted for that candidate, and all of your votes will be allocated to the other Board-endorsed candidate.  You can also check Option 2 and cast all of your votes for one candidate or distribute your votes among any number of candidates.

    Does Calista see the votes?

    No. Paper votes are mailed directly to Sramek-Hightower, the Inspector of Elections. Electronic votes are also received by Sramek-Hightower (not Calista). Calista also does not see voting results until Sramek-Hightower announces them at the Annual Meeting.