Calista Corporation wishes you a Happy New Year. We hope 2015 is filled with success for you and your family. Below is a recap of 2014 and some historical information. We hope this information is interesting.

Dividend and Elders’ Benefit Program totals: Lifetime

Since inception Calista Corporation has provided 10 dividends and 7 Elders’ Benefit Program distributions.

Calista Dividends-Elders LTD

Dividend and Elders’ Benefit Program totals: 2014 year

2014 marked the first year Calista Corporation distributed two (yes, 2) dividends to Shareholders. For the seventh year in a row the Board of Directors also authorized an Elders’ Benefit Program distribution.

Calista Dividends-Elders' 2014

2014 donations total nearly $170,000 and 75% was donated in the Calista/YK Delta Region

About 75% of Calista’s cash donations were distributed in the Calista / YK Delta Region. Even donations outside of the region benefit Shareholders and Descendants. Programs or organizations Calista made donations to included CITC’s Native Youth Olympics, Alaska Native Justice Center, Alaska Native Heritage Center, First Alaskans Institute Elders-Youth Conference, UAA’s ANSEP program and others.

Calista Donations 2014

Where Shareholders are comparison: In the Calista/YK Delta Region and Outside

More and more Shareholders are living outside the Calista / YK Delta Region. In 1971 about 88% of Shareholders lived in the region. In 2014 a little more than 60% of Shareholders lived in the Calista / YK Delta Region and the rest lived outside the region.

Calista Shareholder Locations 1971-2014

Who Shareholders are: Original Shareholders and those received from Gifting or Inheritance

Since 1971, the number of original Shareholders has inevitably gone down. In 2014 the number of original Shareholders was about 9,200 and the number of Shareholders that received shares from gifting or inheritance was about 3,700.

Calista Shareholders Original-Gifted-Inherited

Scholarship recap: Lifetime and 2014

Calista Education and Culture, Inc. manages the scholarship program. Visit their website or their Facebook page.

Nearly half of all scholarship dollars since 1994 have been provided in the last five years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Calista Education Scholarships LTD-2014

Most Liked page on our website: Received 412 Facebook Likes and 41 Shares

By far the most Liked and Shared page on our website this year was the news about the Akilista dividend: 412 Facebook Likes. This was the first time in corporate history that Calista provided two Shareholder dividends in a single year.

Most Liked Page 2014