The Address Unknown List provided below is comprised of Shareholders for whom Calista Corporation does not have a valid current address.

How can I update my address? is a free online portal for Shareholders to access their Shareholder accounts. Mailing address, phone number, email address can easily be updated here.

The Common Forms page on this website also has forms to update your info, including name, mailing address, and more.

Why is it important to keep my address updated?

The Shareholder addresses are used for mailing the Calista Storyknife newsletter, Annual Meeting election mailings, notices relating to various corporation information, and for invitation lists for events concerning Shareholders. In addition, as the corporation continues to progress financially, the addresses will be used to mail distributions to Shareholders.

  • Last, First (Home Community)

    Updated September 4, 2020

    Lang, Juliana (Chevak)

    Laramie, Tina (Bethel)

    Larson, Annie (Chuathbaluk)

    Leach, John (Kipnuk)

    Leppala, Robert (Red Devil)

    Liberty, Jonathan (Bethel)

    Lindell, Robert (Hooper Bay)

    Lock Jr, David (Bethel)

    Lockuk, Emily (Akiachak)

    Macar, George (Stony River)

    Martin, Marie (Chevak)

    Matthews, Clement (Alakanuk)

    McAlpine, Sophia (Lime Village)

    McKindy, Gregory (Aniak)

    Menegak, Michael (Tununak)

    Menegak, Venessa (Tununak)

    Merculief, Lillah (Kongiganak)

    Merritt, Michelle (Bethel)

    Mike, Marcus (St. Mary’s)

    Moe, Shirley (At-Large)

    Napoka, Alexander (Tuluksak)

    Napoleon, Evan (Paimiut)

    Nick, Carolyn (Kwethluk)

    Noble, Joshua (Nunam Iqua)

    Ostrodki, Angela (At-Large)

    Otey, Shannon (Toksook Bay)

    Overson, Steven (Bethel)

    Pattison, Brian (Hamilton)

    Paul, Josephine (Napakiak)

    Pavilla, Richard (Bethel)

    Pete, Clint (Akiak)

    Peter, Trevor (Chevak)

    Phillips, Priscilla (Nightmute)

    Polty Jr, Paul (St. Mary’s)

    Price, Christopher (At-Large)

    Queenie, Francis (Mountain Village)

    Razey, Randy (Nunam Iqua)

    Reeve, James (Lime Village)

    Richard, Peter (Bethel)

    Ritchey, Nicholas (At-Large)

    Ritter, Anastasia (Bethel)

    Roberds, Lynet (Goodnews Bay)

    Roberts, Alicia (At-Large)

    Robertson, Bryan (Pilot Station)

    Rodgers, Abigail (Bethel)

    Russell, Mildred (Chevak)

    Russell, Richard (Bethel)

    Russi, David (Kongiganak)

    Sallison-Nelson, Jeanne (Bethel)

    Sawyer, Paul (Sleetmute)

    Shade, Raymond (Goodnews Bay)

    Shelton, Phillip (Alakanuk)

    Sheppard, Martha (Mountain Village)

    Smith, George (At-Large)

    Stewart, Charles (Goodnews Bay)

    Stone Sr, Alexie (Kipnuk)

    Sugar, James (Emmonak)

    Tinker, Symeon (Hooper Bay)

    Tobeluk, Patricia (Nunapitchuk)

    Tom, Anna (Tununak)

    Tom, Phillip (Aniak)

    Usugan, William (Chevak)

    Vaska, Harlan (Aniak)

    Vaska, Melissa (Aniak)

    Waller, Janet (Kipnuk)

    Waska, Carl (Bethel)

    Wasky, Wassillie (Stony River)

    Watson III, Frederick (Pilot Station)

    Watson IV, Archie (Bethel)

    Watson, Charles (Bethel)

    Watson, Harry (Pilot Station)

    Watson, Laura (Mountain Village)

    Webb, Bertha (St. Mary’s)

    Westcoast, Jenell (Goodnews Bay)

    Westdahl, Donald (St. Mary’s)

    Westdahl, John (Marshall)

    Whatley, Christine (Bethel)

    Whitcomb, Rae (Bethel)

    Wild, Melanie (Akiak)

    Wilson, Allen (Russian Mission)