Our Region is filled with remarkable people who through their leadership improve the world around them. These community leaders are humble, hardworking and inspire us to pursue our dreams and help others. Just as Calista works to protect the Region’s traditional values, these leaders showcase the beauty of our culture and people. Through our scholarship programs, internships and other benefits we hope to inspire future leaders and help them achieve success.   

Leaders From The Region






  • November/ December 2014 – JNYO Coach Tommy Bayayok
  • September/October 2014 – Lucy Sparck
  • August 2014 – Shareholder Award Winners
  • July 2014 – Nelson Island School Students
  • May/June 2014 – Kotlik Search and Rescue
  • April 2014 – Chief Warrant Officer Travis Wolf
  • March 2014 – Nancy Andrew, CEO Saint Mary’s Native Corporation
  • January/February 2014 – Deborah Friday, Chevak Traditional Council