Calista joins effort to provide broadband to rural Alaskans

The Alaska FiberOptic Project, a collaboration with Doyon, Ltd., Gana-A ‘Yoo Limited and Alaska Communications, seeks high-speed internet for one of the most underserved regions in the United States.

Michael Martinez seeks green solutions for rare earth elements

Michael Martinez is a young Calista Corporation Shareholder on a mission to develop a clean method of extracting some little known but critical minerals.

Calista Update on CARES Act Relief Funding

The Calista Board of Directors approved a process for Shareholders to receive assistance through the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund allocation. An application for Shareholders is expected to launch in October.

Online Direct Deposit Now Available

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Calista Corporation Receives 2020 CARES Act Relief Funding

Calista Corporation has finally received CARES Act funding on behalf of its Shareholders following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

ANCSA at 50

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), Calista Corporation is reflecting on what it means to be a successful business and promote our cultural values and traditional way of life.

Next Enrollment Deadline

All eligible applicants must enroll by 5pm on August 31 to be considered for the next distribution of Calista Corporation shares.

Final Calista Corporation 2021 Proxy and Virtual Meeting Prize Winners Announced

Calista Corporation Logo

Ten Calista Corporation Shareholders are final 2021 Online Regular and Regular proxy prize winners and two Shareholders are Virtual Meeting Prize winners in the 47th Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Calista Corporation 2021 Director Election Results Announced


In the Calista Corporation 2021 Annual Meeting held on Thursday, July 1, Shareholders reelected Myron Naneng and Robert Beans, and elected new directors Dora Moore and Ron Hoffman. Nearly 11,000 Shareholders voted this year.

2021 Calista Proxy Voting Continues

Proxy voting for the 2021 Calista Corporation Annual Meeting of Shareholders will continue until the meeting time on July 1 at 1:00 p.m.