Calista Statement on Section 401 Certificate Review for Donlin Gold Project

April 14, 2021 Calista Corp. Statement on Donlin Gold Project’s 401 Certificate Calista Corporation today released the following statement about the ongoing review of the…

Calista Shareholder Attains Leadership Role at Bilista Holding, LLC

Stefan Rearden

Growing up in western Alaska, Calista Shareholder Stefan Rearden knew he wanted to become an engineer, even though he hadn’t met one yet.

Interim YK Regional Tribal Government Holds Initial Meeting

Fish Camp Scene

Stephen Maxie, Jr. (Napakiak, Alaska), voted as interim Speaker.

Dedicated & Resilient – Calista Supports NYO Athletes

Calista Corporation is proud to help bring Alaskan students, teams, and families together for this special annual event.

Donlin Gold Camp Jobs Available for 2021 Season


From chefs, bakers, and line cooks to housekeeping, ESS Alaska is seeking Calista Corporation Shareholders to work with them during the 2021 Donlin Gold drilling season.

CECI Publishes New Books on YK Plants and Animals

A trio of new books from Calista Corporation’s educational non-profit provides a new, closer look at the relationship between Yup’ik people and the natural world of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

New subsistence advisory committee to provide input on Donlin Gold Project

The proposed Donlin Gold mine’s technical oversight group is seeking direct input from communities in proximity to the project and its transportation corridor in the Y-K Region.

Calista Intern Reflects on Working Remotely from Napaskiak

Alice Samuelson of Napaskiak

Alice Samuelson of Napaskiak had the unique internship experience of working from her small Kuskokwim River village due to the pandemic.

Calista Announces Record $8.1 Million 2021 Spring Distribution

Wow! 2021 Calista Spring Distribution Increases to $8.1 Million. Direct deposit submissions due 3/26.

Calista Corporation Invites Nominee Haaland to Experience Alaska

We invite Haaland to visit us in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta to meet some of her Yup’ik, Cup’ik, and Athabascan cousins.