Calista Corporation each year schedules an Annual Meeting of Shareholders. This meeting is crucial because Shareholders elect members to the Board of Directors and vote on any proposed resolutions. Due to the high cost of travel, annual meetings are generally held throughout the Calista Region in order to reach as many Shareholders as possible.

2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders information

  • Date: July 5, 2019
  • Community: Toksook Bay
  • Location: Nelson Island School
  • Time: 1pm
  • Annual Meeting packet mail/email date: May 24, 2019
  • Proxy voting ended July 1, 2019 at 5pm
  • Final chance to vote is in-person at the Annual Meeting (not valid for proxy prizes)


  • 2019 Voting Materials
    Sample Proxy Form (jpg, 293kb)
    2019 Proxy Statement (PDF, 3MB)
    Proxy Prizes list (PDF, 138kb)

    Full Annual Meeting materials will be distributed on May 24 in two packets.

    1. One large packet will be sent to each Shareholder household. This packet includes the Annual Report book with 2018 audited financials, a comment card, and a Proxy Booklet with Proxy Statement, agenda, proxy prize lists, and more.
    2. A smaller envelope will be sent to each individual voting Shareholder. This envelope will contain a blue Proxy Form for voting and a postage-paid return envelope. The back of the blue Proxy Form has the Shareholder’s name, number of shares, number of votes, PIN to vote online, and more.


    About 1,000 Shareholders have opted to receive these materials electronically. The same day, May 24, an email will be sent to these Shareholders. Each Shareholder can vote immediately.

    Calista enjoyed record-breaking business successes last year. Yearly revenues jumped from $480 million to $575 million, and net income grew from $21.7 million to $37.7 million. Shareholders are benefitting from this success, with lifetime dividends and distributions breaking the $70 million mark last month.

    To help maintain these positive results, the Board of Directors has decided to re-introduce the candidate endorsement process. This lets Shareholders know which candidates the Board believes will best help Calista continue to be successful. Voting for Board-endorsed candidates is a way to support Calista and its continued success.

    All Shareholders can vote online at Last year, 6 out of every 10 eligible Shareholders voted online. More than half finished voting online in less than 4 minutes.

  • Annual Meeting Packet - Paper or Electronic

    Once available, printed Annual Meeting materials are mailed (default) or emailed (to those who opted for electronic delivery). Both options are distributed on the same day.

    Paper Option (default)

    Two items are mailed to eligible Shareholders via USPS First Class. This option uses 100 pages of paper or more.

    • Annual Meeting Packet (1 per household): This large envelope (about 10″ by 13″) contains the Annual Report book (financials), a Proxy Booklet (candidate and current Director info, agenda, Proxy Prize details, etc.), and a comment card. To save over $40,000 and reduce paper use by about 3 tons each year, Annual Meeting Packets are now delivered one per Shareholder household. Click here for more details on the Annual Meeting Packet Mailing Change, effective 2018.
    • Proxy Voting Form (1 per voting Shareholder): This standard envelope includes an official Proxy Form for voting, and a postage-paid return envelope addressed to the Inspector of Elections. The Proxy Form is addressed to an individual voting Shareholder. The back of each official Proxy Form will include the Shareholder’s name, PIN to vote online at, number of shares owned, number of votes available, and other details.


    Electronic Delivery option (Electronic Delivery form)

    • Email: An email is provided to each Shareholder who opts for electronic delivery. The email contains a link to the Annual Meeting materials, the PIN to vote online at, and a link to the online voting website.
    • Mailed PIN letter: As a backup to email, a single piece of paper is mailed via USPS First Class to each Shareholder who opts for electronic delivery. The letter notes that Annual Meeting materials are available electronically, the PIN to vote online at, and a link to the online voting website.


    Did you know? The average Shareholder completes online voting in less than 4 minutes.


    Form: Electronic Delivery of Annual Meeting materials
  • Proxy Prizes and Deadlines

    All proxy votes and ballots are received, verified, and counted by an independent Inspector of Elections (not Calista staff). All proxy prize winners are randomly drawn by the Inspector of Elections.

    There are $52,000 in total prizes available. Proxy prizes are only awarded if quorum is reached and the Annual Meeting is valid.

    Voting website:

      • Note: Open during the election period only
      • The PIN to vote online is on the back of the individual paper Proxy Form OR for those who opt for electronic delivery the PIN is in the email notification and the PIN letter

    2019 Proxy deadlines (all times are Alaska Daylight Time)

      1. June 7, 5pm: Online Early Bird Prizes. Also qualifies for Deadlines #2, #3, and #4.
      2. June 17, 5pm: Early Bird Prizes deadline. Valid paper proxies also qualify for Deadline #4. Valid online proxy votes also qualify for Deadlines #3 and #4.
      3. July 1, 5pm: Online Regular Proxy deadline. Also qualifies for Deadlines #4.
      4. July 1, 5pm: Regular Proxy deadline. 


    Did you know? If you vote online, you’ll get immediate confirmation your proxy votes were received by the Inspector of Elections. This option is not available for valid paper proxy votes.


    Form to opt for Electronic Delivery of Annual Meeting materials
  • FAQs on Campaigning and Endorsements

    As a Shareholder, can I campaign for any candidate of my choosing on social media?

    Yes. However, please be aware that Alaska law requires any person who distributes materials (posts, comments or shares) relating to proxy solicitations to at least 30 Alaska resident Shareholders must send the materials to the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities at the same time the materials are distributed to Shareholders. This includes any materials published on the Internet. Shareholders may meet this legal requirement by emailing the proxy materials to

    Why are there Board-endorsed candidates this year?

    Calista is growing fast, consistently profitable, and has been increasing the amount of distributions and other benefits paid to Shareholders. The Calista Board decided it would be good to let Shareholders know if the Board endorsed one or more candidates, in order to give Shareholders a way to express support for Calista’s continued growth, profitability and payment of benefits to Shareholders.

    Is it legal for the Board to endorse one or more board candidates?

    Yes, Alaska law permits ANCSA corporation boards to endorse candidates. Top-performing corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, often endorse board candidates.

    I don’t know any of the candidates. Who should I vote for?

    The Calista Board endorses candidates Paul George Guy for Unit 4 and Johnnie Evan for Unit 5, and recommends you vote for them. The Board-endorsed candidate for Unit 6 withdrew prior to the printing of the proxy materials. Biographical information and a personal statement from each candidate are provided in the Proxy Statement and are also available if you vote online at

    Can I vote for just one of the Board-endorsed candidates?

    Yes. The Proxy Form distributed by the Board provides two options for the election of directors. If you check Option 1, all your votes will be voted for the Board-endorsed candidates. However, if you mark a line through one of the candidates’ name in Option 1, none of your votes will be voted for that candidate, and all of your votes will be allocated to the other Board-endorsed candidate. You can also check Option 2 and cast all of your votes for just one of the Board-endorsed candidates.

  • Meeting Location

    The Annual Meeting of Shareholders is held at least once every five years in Bethel, and at least once every seven years in Anchorage. The other meetings will be held in villages in the Calista Region selected by the Board of Directors.

    2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders information

    • Date: July 5, 2019
    • Community: Toksook Bay
    • Location: Nelson Island School
    • Time: 1pm
    • Annual Meeting packet mail/email date: May 24, 2019


    Did you know? Only Bethel, Kasigluk, Aniak and St. Mary’s have each hosted more than 1 Annual Meeting in Calista’s history (through 2019).



  • Quorum - If Too Few Shareholders Vote

    Quorum must be met in order to conduct a valid Annual Meeting. If too few Shareholders vote and quorum is not reached, the Annual Meeting must be rescheduled, which would cost Calista and its Shareholders significant time, effort, and money. Additionally, Proxy Prizes are only awarded if quorum is reached.

    Historically, the average Shareholder voting participation of all Annual Meetings is only 50.51%. For the last 6 Annual Meetings, less than 4 in 10 Shareholders 18-39 years old voted. And less than half of Shareholders in their 40s voted.

    Quorum definition

  • Calista Shareholder Awards

    The Calista Shareholder Awards are focused on Calista Shareholders and Descendants. Nominations are open to Shareholders and Descendants living in and out of the Calista Region. Each award recipient will receive a plaque and $1,500.

    Nominations closed on Friday, April 12, 2019. All honorees will be announced before the Annual Shareholders Meeting on July 5 in Toksook Bay, Alaska.


  • Quick Facts

    Quick Facts

    • Through 2018, a total of 32 communities have hosted 44 annual meetings
    • The Calista Region is located in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
    • More than 60% of Shareholders live in the Calista Region
    • Online voting was first made available in 2014
    • Of Calista’s roughly 29,000 Shareholders, about 9,000 are original Shareholders
    • On average, only 5.1 of every 10 Shareholders vote
    • Less than 4 minutes: The time it takes a majority of Shareholders to vote online at