Through its Public Advocacy and Engagement Committee (PAEC), Calista Corporation seeks allies in federal and state government who will work with us to:

  • Support economic growth that expands Shareholder benefits including jobs, workforce development, dividends and distributions
  • Help improve the social condition of the people of the Yukon Kuskokwim Region

During the state and federal elections season, the PAEC interviews federal and state/local candidates. Subsequently, the PAEC meets to vote on Calista’s official endorsements.

Calista will share its 2020 election endorsements with Shareholders and support efforts to encourage eligible voters to register, and for all registered voters to vote in the upcoming elections.

  • About PAEC

    The Public Advocacy & Engagement Committee (PAEC) was founded on December 6, 2017, and seeks to increase the political influence of Calista Corporation through expanded advocacy, public and Shareholder education, voter mobilization, and political support for the people of the Yukon Kuskokwim (YK) region.

    Current members: Robert Beans (Chair), Johnnie Evan, Earl Samuelson, Willie Kasayulie, Dora C. Moore, Fred Phillip, Andrew Guy and Thom Leonard.

  • 2020 Election Endorsements & Announcements

    August 5, 2020 – PAEC Issues First Round of Endorsements in 2020 General Election

    September 2, 2020 – PAEC Statement on Ballot Measure 1

    If Ballot Measure 1 passes, Calista could lose business, contracts, and revenue, negatively impacting our ability to hire staff and offer meaningful benefits to our Shareholders

    Increased taxes on oil would limit the oil and gas industry’s ability to afford and award service contracts to businesses, including Calista’s construction, transportation, and oil field service companies.

    The measure is not in Calista’s best interest, and we are publicly opposing it. 

  • Regional Priorities

    The PAEC 2020 regional priorities for federal candidates include:

    • Increasing broadband internet capacity and stability in rural Alaska
    • Ensuring all Alaskans have access to clean water and sanitation
    • Ensuring rural communities receive reliable air service and protecting Medevac services
    • Restoring economic health amid unprecedented national and global economic challenges
    • Support for the proposed Donlin Gold mine as an opportunity to provide local jobs and leverage infrastructure improvements for the entire YK region
    • Equitable and expedient distribution of CARES Act Tribal Relief Funds
    • Support for Tribal sovereignty and Tribal efforts to form a Regional Tribal Government