Calista Corporation Allocates Remaining CARES Act Funds
Calista Corporation has coordinated the remaining CARES Act Tribal Relief funds to provide meaningful impact to Shareholders—through food security, ice roads and homeless services.
Shareholder Employee Highlight: Alaina Aloysius Leads Path for Descendants
Alaina Nalikaq Aloysius, Calista Corporation Shareholder employee from Bethel, was recently promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor at the Calista corporate office in Anchorage.
CEMAI Five Year Grant Highlights
The five-year Calista Energy Management Assistance Initiative (CEMAI) project recently concluded. We’re pleased to provide highlights of some of CEMAI’s initiatives to address our Region’s high energy costs.
Taylor Malone: A Science (and Beading) Whiz Kid
First-generation college student Taylor Malone has co-authored a scientific journal article and is pursuing a degree in biochemistry and biophysics at an elite East Coast liberal arts school.
Calista Files Legal Complaint Against Alaska Redistricting Board
It is incumbent upon us to assist in protecting the voting rights and powers of our Shareholders. We support the communities of Scammon Bay, Chevak, and Hooper Bay to be properly placed in District 38. Bethel is a social and economic hub for these communities.
Calista Corporation Announces Elders’ Benefit Distribution
Calista Corporation is pleased to announce the 2021 Elders’ Benefit Program distribution. Elders to receive $350 each by December 13.
Wayne Wasky Makes First Solo Flight
Wayne Wasky, a Calista Shareholder from Alakanuk, is turning his dream of flying into a career through support from a Calista Education and Culture, Inc. scholarship.
Augustine Hamner Assists Rural Alaska and Continues Education
Augustine Hamner, with village ties to Chuathbaluk, has her heart set on mechanical engineering, and she’s already well on her way. Upcoming Spring Term deadline is December 1.
Calista Intern Assists with Remote Field Work
Calista Shareholder Tatiana Korthuis had a unique opportunity to intern on our lands in the Calista Region during Summer 2021.
Calista Education and Culture Publishes Book About Ircenrraat
Our Elders’ ircenrraat stories have now been published in a new book, “Ircenrraat: Other-than-human Persons,” by Alice Rearden, Marie Meade, Mark John and Ann Fienup-Riordan, available through the Alaska Native Language Center.