2023 Director Election Results Certified
Calista Corp. Shareholders reelected directors Margaret Pohjola, Earl D. Samuelson, Sr., Nick P. Andrew, Jr., and Willie Kasayulie in the 2023 Annual Meeting held on Friday, June 2.
Searching for Missing Persons with D.O.G.
D.O.G., a nine-year-old St. Bernard-Labrador mix has been joining search and rescue missions all over western Alaska for the past six years.
2023 Final Proxy Prize Winners Announced
More than 12,600 Shareholders qualified for $17,000 in the final round of proxy prizes. Congratulations to our winners!
Calista 2023 Regular Early Bird Proxy Prize Winners
Nearly 12,000 Shareholders who cast their proxy votes online by 5pm on May 23 qualified for these prizes. Final deadline: May 30, 5pm.
Board Message: Cultural Values
Our values inform our way of life. In Yuuyaraq, or the Yup’ik “way of being,” we learn from our parents and Elders at an early age.
Congrats to our 2023 Calista Corporation Shareholder Award Recipients
Calista would like to honor the 2023 Shareholder Award recipients. “They exemplify the resilience we display as people from the Y-K Region.”
Congrats Calista 2023 Online Early Bird Proxy Prize Winners
Nearly 9,000 Shareholders who cast their proxy votes online by 5pm on May 12, qualified for the 2023 Online Early Bird prizes. Next deadline: May 23, 5pm.
Yup’ik Teaching Moment: Upnerkiyarluni
Upnerkiyarluni [Uhp-nugh-GHEE-yah-LOO-ni] is Yup’ik meaning to “go to Spring Camp.” Yup’ik Teaching Moment is provided by Mark John, CECI Cultural Advisor.
Aspiring Pilot From Bethel: Ty Dudley
Ty Dudley, a Calista Shareholder with ties to Georgetown, is working his way to becoming a commercial pilot in Alaska.
St. Mary’s Airport Improvements
Brice Inc. was awarded a $53 million contract from AKDOT&PF for its competitively bid St. Mary’s Airport Improvements Project.