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2020 Calista Proxy Prize Winners
Calista Corporation Announces Final 2020 Proxy Prize Winners

Ten Calista Corporation Shareholders are winners of the final 2020 Online Regular and Regular proxy prizes for the 46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Calista Directors Reelected 2020
Calista Corporation Announces 2020 Director Election Results

Calista Corporation Shareholders chose to reelect Margaret Pohjola, Willie Kasayulie, Earl D. Samuelson, Sr., and Nick P. Andrew, Jr. for the 2020 Annual Meeting.

Calista Corporation Will Consult with YK Tribes on CARES Tribal Funding

Calista appreciates the U.S. District Court’s recent decision to uphold the Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations’ eligibility for much-needed funding from the CARES Act.

Photo of Kayla Williams
Calista Shareholder at Yulista Aviation Thrives on Cultural Identity … and Sweet Tea

As a Shareholder employee in the Lower 48, Kayla Williams seeks to inform coworkers about Alaska, the Calista Region and her Yup’ik heritage. “We’re not the Fortune 500 companies in New York City, we’re different.”

Photo of Thomas Albert
To Find Best Life, Listen to Heart, Says Tununak Shareholder

Thomas Albert is focused on completing a degree in construction management. "If you go to college and don't like it ... don't stop right there. Pick up an application and try for training and see if you like it."

Calista COVID-19 Updates

Calista Corporation is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting our business practices, travel, and event schedules.