AVCP recently held its 51st Annual Convention. Calista Corporation was one of many organizations invited to present to the delegates.

The presentation was given by Chair Margaret Pohjola. Pohjola provided a brief update on Calista’s activities, noting that wages to Shareholders and Descendants in 2014 totaled $10.5 Million. She also noted that half of all Shareholder dividend dollars have been distributed since 2013. A record two dividends were declared in 2014 (spring dividend and winter’s Akilista dividend).

Click the picture below to view a PDF (1.81MB) of Calista’s presentation.

AVCP 2015 Presentation

Calista Corporation Chair Margaret Pohjola presenting at the 2015 AVCP Convention (click for larger image – 1.21MB)

Chair Margaret Pohjola Presents at 2015 AVCP Convention