Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair

Robert Beans, Calista Board Chair

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Board Message: Vote NO on Ballot Measure 1

By Robert Beans, Board Chair

Storyknife, October/November 2018 edition

I believe in the importance of voting. By voicing our collective opinion as voters, we make decisions impacting our lives and the lives of future generations. We choose leaders and set regulations with our votes. Voting isn’t something individuals should approach casually. Such an important responsibility requires due diligence and education. Before selecting a candidate, you should educate yourself about their background and stance on issues. Before voting on a ballot measure, you should learn all the facts about the issue at hand.

On November 6, Alaskans will vote on Ballot Measure 1. Supporters of this initiative claim if passed, it will provide protections for Alaska salmon populations and their habitat. Salmon are essential to our subsistence lifestyle and we must do everything we can to ensure healthy populations and continued returns, however at Calista, we believe Ballot Measure 1 is not the answer and will do more harm than good.

Ballot Measure 1 will replace science-based fish habitat protections with new, unproven laws and regulations that will have wide-reaching, negative impacts on rural Alaska. My decades of experience with rural infrastructure development tells me if passed, Ballot Measure 1 will increase costs or even prevent development of projects like sewer lagoons, airport runway improvements, flush toilet systems, winter fuel storage deliveries, and more.

Ballot Measure 1 adds more complicated government regulations to infrastructure projects. It threatens our communities, economy and culture. We believe in striking a balance between supporting infrastructure development and protecting the environment. For generations the people of the Calista Region have engaged in subsistence activities while also growing our communities. This measure is written without our input, funded by outside money, and does not support salmon or Alaska Native people.

There is a right way to ensure that our communities can grow, while also supporting our fish and wildlife populations. Calista Corporation supports smart, science-based regulations. Yet that is not Ballot Measure 1. Please join us in voting NO on Ballot Measure 1 on November 6.


This NOTICE TO VOTERS is required by Alaska law. The Calista Corporation certifies that this mailing is not authorized, paid for, or approved by any candidate. This communication was paid for by Calista Corporation, 5015 Business Park Blvd., Suite 3000, Anchorage, Alaska 99503, Andrew Guy, President/CEO. “I, Andrew Guy, approved this message.”

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