Updated Jan. 29, 3p

  • Who: ANCSA Village Corporation Officer (invitation letter + resolution – pdf)
  • Who: Tribal Representative (invitation letter + resolution – pdf)
  • Register by calling Frieda at 1-800-277-5516 (as of 3p on Jan. 29, 60 Tribes and Village Corporations from more than 4 communities have registered!)
  • Location: Bethel, Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center
  • Dinner Feb. 4; Gathering Feb. 5-6
  • Agenda is available here
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the gathering

KYUK interviews:

The Calista Corporation Board of Directors formed a committee called the Regional Committee during its December quarterly board meeting. The work of the committee will be to conduct an assessment of ANCSA and the Indian Reorganization Act “and to develop a strategic plan to obtain the appropriate and necessary remedies from the United States and State of Alaska governments for the negative effects associated with” these Acts. This is an important first step in determining what actions can be taken to strengthen the political voice of the Native people in our region. The future ability of our children to survive and prosper while living in region will depend upon how wisely we use our political strengths. We wish to work as one to address these larger issues.

The membership of the Committee will be the Board of Directors Chair, another director of Calista, the Calista president, one representative of each of the Native village governments, one representative of each village corporation in the Y-K Region, and one representative from each of the regional non-profit organizations AVCP, AVCP Housing and YKHC.

The first meeting will be held at the Cultural Center in Bethel, Feb. 5 to 6, with an opening dinner for attendees on Feb. 4. Calista is willing to financially assist one representative from each Tribal village to attend the Regional Committee meeting by covering the cost of air transportation and hotel on February 4 and 5. We hope that you or your designee will be able to attend as the representative of your Tribal Village. Please contact Frieda Seebold at Calista at 907-868-2438 (direct) or toll-free at 800-277-5516 with the name of your designated tribal representative and his/her position as either a Tribal Council Member or Administratory.