Calista Corporation Settlement Trust 2020 Distributions Non-Taxable Income

1099 IRS Form Not Required for These Distributions

January 29, 2021

(Anchorage, Alaska) – Calista Corporation is pleased to announce that all 2020 Calista Corp. Settlement Trust distributions are non-taxable income. The 2020 Spring, Akilista and Elder distributions were paid from the Settlement Trust.

These distributions are not taxable, and Calista Shareholders will not receive a 1099 IRS form for them.

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Shareholders voted at the 2018 Annual Meeting to approve the creation of the Settlement Trust. In 2020, distributions from the Settlement Trust totaled $11 million, an increase of $1 million from 2019.


Calista Corporation has over 33,000 Shareholders and is the parent company of more than 30 subsidiaries in the following industries: defense contracting, construction, real estate, environmental services, natural resource development, marine transportation, oilfield services, and heavy equipment sales, service and rentals. Since 1994, Calista has provided more than $5.5 million in scholarships to its Shareholders and Descendants. Since inception, Calista has declared more than $77.8 million in dividends and distributions, and $8.2 million in Elders’ Benefit Program distributions to Shareholders. Calista can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.