May 23, 2019

Calista’s Compliance with State Proxy Regulations

Each year prior to Calista Corporation’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, there is an exciting period during which solicitations are sought for Board of Director Candidates. Following that time there is a period when Calista Shareholders cast their votes up until the Annual Meeting. Calista encourages Shareholders to gather facts about the candidates by reviewing the 2019 Proxy Statement, learn about Calista’s financial performance by reviewing the 2018 Annual Report, and to review the qualifications and accomplishments of the Board-endorsed slate by going to

The State of Alaska proxy regulations require tracking and reporting on a variety of issues during the solicitation and election periods, including postings on Calista social media pages.

During the solicitation period and through the Annual Meeting, Shareholders may post comments on Calista social media pages encouraging shareholders to vote. We ask that all Shareholders keep their comments civil and respectful. Calista reserves the right to immediately delete any posts on its social media pages that contain obviously false or defamatory information, posts that are abusive, disrespectful or contain profanities, and to take down posts that are determined by legal counsel to be misleading.

Additionally, Shareholders who post comments about Calista’s upcoming annual meeting and board candidates to any social media pages are responsible for complying with State of Alaska proxy regulations with regard to any comments posted that pertain to the Calista annual meeting election.   In general, those proxy regulations specifically require that a person who posts on social media material relating to a corporate election must at the same time file a copy of the post with the Alaska Administrator of Securities.  Shareholders may file their posts by e-mailing them in searchable PDF format to

Calista, of course, cannot provide legal advice, so if a Shareholder has any questions about the requirements of the State of Alaska proxy regulations, the Shareholder should consult with his or her attorney.

On or about May 24, 2019, a proxy voting envelope with the official blue Proxy Form will be mailed to each eligible Calista Shareholder. In addition, a large envelope of Annual Meeting materials, including the 2019 Proxy Statement and 2018 Annual Report will be mailed separately to each Shareholder household (if you opted for electronic materials, look for your proxy voting email). Vote online at, or use the blue official Proxy Form.

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for July 5 in Toksook, Alaska, at the school. Details at